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Ababis Guest Farm Namibia is situated about 250 km south west of the capital Windhoek on the northern outskirts of the Naukluft Massif - famous Naukluft Mountains. Sossusvlei and Sesriem Canyon are easily accessible from here.

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Ababis Guest Farm | Namibia: river house bedroom Ababis Guest Farm | Namibia: Berghaus Ababis Guest Farm | Namibia: dining room

The farm Ababis was established as outpost for the former “Kaiserliches Landgestuet Nauchas" and belonged to the Voigt family until 1985. Since then it is being run by the Schulze Neuhoff family. Berghouse is the former dwelling (built in 1948) at the farm Stolzenfels, which has been part of Ababis since 1960. The house lies amid the pristine African savannah surrounded by the Rand and Remhoogte mountains.

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Enjoy a couple of days of unspoilt nature and abundance of wildlife. A model of a planned olive grove on Ababis, which is to be ready by Desert in Art, is displayed at the farm. The grove was designed by Hamburg landscape architect Kathrin Wolf.

Ababis Guest Farm | Namibia: house at the river Ababis Guest Farm | Namibia: pool Ababis Guest Farm | Namibia: reading room river house

Activities at Ababis Guest Farm


An excursion to the neighbouring Sossusvlei/Sesriem Canyon is an absolute must. This day trip can be done independently or in the company of an experienced guide. Another excursion worth undertaking is a guided off-road trip to the petrified dunes on the neighbouring farm Dieprivier. Hosts also offer a guided off-road excursion through the grammadulas of the fringe areas and the Gaub river to Corona Guest Farm, where lunch is offered, before the trip continues to the Gamsberg and back to Ababis via the Remhoogte Pass. Hosts also offer trips to neighbouring farms cooperating in Naukluft Experience.

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Hiking at Ababis

On the varied farm area many possibilities are offered for wanderer and mountain climbers on well marked ways. Some hiking trails are marked as nature studies path having beautiful rest areas.

Mountain biking at Ababis

Mountain bikers can enjoy special routes designed and tested by German mountain bikers. Road maps have been prepared for day trips. Longer trips can be taken from farm to farm.

Off-road at Ababis

The “Safety Driving & Offroad Academy” established at Ababis in November 2004 offers a complete training program for off-road drivers. Following the training hosts offer guided Off-road excursions.

Sightseeing at Ababis

Flight Namibia’s spectacular landscapes take on a new meaning from a bird’s eye view. You can book small planes for your roundtrip across the Naukluft massif.

Ababis Guest Farm | Namibia: main veranda Ababis Guest Farm | Namibia: veranda

BAR (best available rates) per room per night: on request

Dinner, bed and breakfast
Single/double/triple room -
Family / Triple: 2 adults + 1 Child 6-14 yrs -
Family: 2 adults + 2 children 6-14 yrs -
Self-catering unit, up to 5 persons -
Camping per person -
Activities per person, minimum 2 persons
Safety driving course, 4 hours -
Off-Road Course, 4 hours -
Off-Road Special, 1 day -
Scenic Farm drive, +- 2 hours -
Sossusvlei Excursion - per tour (standard) for 1&2 adults -
Additional adult from 3 or more participants -
Additional child for all ages between age 6 to 14 years -







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