Three mountain passes to the Namib Desert

There are three well known and most frequently used passes which lead to the Namib desert from central plateau - Khomas Hochland: the Gamsberg, the Remhoogte and the Spreetshoogte.
Probably the most spectacular and interesting road goes from Windhoek along C26 route via Gamsberg which has been nicknamed ''The Namibia's Table Mountain''. This is the longest and the highest pass in Namibia. The name derived for Nama word ''gan'' meaning ''flat on top''. The mountain with the same name has the height of 2350 m above sea level. The Gamsberg consists of approximately 990 million years old granite. The interesting detail: there was a project to install a telescope on the top of the mountain opposed because of apartheid system being in force at the time. There were three reasons for choosing this location: the Gamsberg is far away from cities' electric lights, absence of dust and Namibian climate with around 300 clear days a year.
The Remhoogte pass is the least steep pass out of the three and the easiest way to drive. The Remhoogte is accessible even with a small sedan cars. The shortest route via Remhoogte to Sesriem is to take main road B1 south from Windhoek to Rehoboth, turn to road 1261 just after Rehoboth, and finally join road 36 to Sesriem.
The Spreetshoogte is the steepest pass on the way to the Namib with sharp bends but the view from the top over the Namib is most rewarding for a traveller. The pass lies south of the Gamsberg on the road 1275.
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