Message from the United States Ambassador Mr. Jeffrey Bader

As the United States Ambassador in Namibia, I have no role more important than to ensure that US citizens visiting this spectacular country are accurately informed of any possible dangers.
Since arriving in Namibia in October 1999, I have found that the country more than lives up to its reputation as the ''jewel of Africa''.
The number and variety of breathtaking natural attractions offer superb tourism opportunities - from the Orange river and Fish River Canyon in the south to the Namib desert on the coast to the phenomenal Etosha Pan in the north. In addition, a wide range of facilities offer levels of accommodation suitable to the most adventurous visitors and those seeking the highest luxury. With the recent completion of a civil aviation agreement between the US and Namibia, additional and more direct air routes from the US should become available soon.
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I do not discount the dangers that are also present. The US embassy recommends that US citizens avoid travel to the area along the Angolan border and to the Kavango and Caprivi regions because of recent clashes and banditry spilling over from the Angolan civil war. US Government employees, including Peace Corps volunteers, have been withdrawn from those areas. I encourage anyone interested in travelling to Namibia to stay up-to-date on travel conditions by reading the US Government Travel Notice available on the Department of State's Web site (
Namibia is a large country and most tourism sites are unaffected by the problems along the border with Angola.
I feel confident in recommending the vast majority of Namibia's marvellous attractions to prospective US travellers, with the exception those few areas experiencing trouble in the north.

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