Trophy hunting in Namibia

Our company offers hunting tours and safaris with a different duration according to your specifications on the private hunting farms in Namibia. You can find some useful information on this page as well as addresses of hunting organizations in Namibia. For more information and hunting safaris' rates please mail to:
Hunting season.
Hunting season in Namibia is from 1 of February to 30 of November.
General information on trophy hunting in Namibia.
The history of trophy hunting in Namibia started in 1962 when several private farms owners decided to provide professional and controlled hunting on their farms. The Namibian Professional Hunting Association, one of the main controlling organizations in the country, was established in 1974 and now has more than 300 members. The Namibian code of hunting ethics was formed under strong influence of German hunting rules and regulations also because of large number of farms' owners of German origin.
According to Namibian hunting regulations the presence of  professional  hunter - guide is compulsory during the whole duration of hunting safari. It is illegal to start a safari without proper obtained hunting license, where all desired animals must be stated. The export trophies permits will not be issued for animals not stated in the hunting license. If, during the safari, an animal was wounded and its blood was found, the animal regarded as killed and paid in full.

Services of professional taxidermy studios in Namibia.
There are several professional taxidermy companies in Namibia. Their rates for preparing trophies depend on type of trophy (shoulder mount, full mount, etc.) and type of animal. As a general practice the preparation takes 8 - 12 month. The shipping costs normally charged separately.
Medals of the Namibian Professional Hunting Association.
The NAPHA's system of hunting medals based on requirements of international organization Safari Club International (SCI). The trophies 5% and larger than standard SCI receive the gold medal. The trophies which are equal to SCI  standard receive the silver medal. The trophies 5% smaller than SCI standard receive the bronze medal. The special trophies (deviations, defects, etc.) receive special NAPHA medals.
NAPHA's address:
Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA): P.O.Box 11291 Windhoek, Namibia


Application form



Assistance on arrival


In advance with your agent

No automatic weapons and '22 caliber weapons permitted

No Not necessary
Namibia Fill the customs form on your arrival No automatic weapons permitted No Not necessary
South Africa Fill the customs form on your arrival No automatic weapons permitted No Not necessary

Hunting rifles, shot guns and bows can be temporarily imported into Namibia. Revolvers, pistols and automatics are not allowed. Permits are issued by the police at the port of entry. For application a hunter will need a passport, original license for rifle, invitation letter from farmer to hunt.

List of Namibian game species:huntkudu.JPG (11043 bytes)

1. African elephant
2. Black rhinoceros
3.White rhinoceros
4. Hippopotamus
5. Cape buffalo
6. Lion
7. Leopard
8. Cheetah
9. Giraffe
10. Hartmann's mountain zebra
11. Burchell's plain zebra
12. Greater kudu

Kudu antelope

13. Gemsbok                                                 30. Common duiker antelope
14. Sable antelope                                          31. Steenbok antelope
15. Roan antelope                                          32. Klipspringer antelope
16. Hartebeest antelope                                 33. Damara dik-dik antelope
17. Blue wildebeest                                        34. Grysbok antelope
18. Eland antelope                                          35. Warthog
19. Puku                                                        36. Bushpig
20. Reedbuck                                                37. Caracal
21. Tsessebe                                                  38. Brown hyena
22. Sitatunga                                                   39. Spotted hyena
23. Waterbuck antelope                                  40. African wild dog
24. Oribi                                                         41. Side-stripped jackal
25. Springbok antelope                                   42. Black-backed jackal
26. Southern impala antelope                          43. Cape fox
27. Black-faced impala                                  44. Bat-eared fox
28. Red lechwe                                              45. Aardwolf
29. Chobe buchbuck

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