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This farm can be reached from either road D407 or D707 (via Koiimasis) and lies like a gigantic crater plum in the centre of a northern section of the Tiras Mountains.

Farm Landsberg is centrally located in Tiras Mountains in southern Namibia offering camping grounds in the middle of Namibian nature. Each site is individually set between shimmering red granite boulders. Landsberg's guests can expect unparalelled comfort and privacy together with the ultimate African serenity. There is a reception and curio shop at Landsberg.

Camping at Landsberg Farm

There are four comfortable camping sites on offer, named after birds of Namibia:

Black Eagle
Martial Eagle
Snake Eagle
Steppe Eagle

Facilities at each camp site: large shaded porch, Wi-Fi, hot shower, 12V charging outlets, 12V fridge plug, kitchen, work space, private grill/fireplace

Check-in time: 02:00 PM
Check-out time: 10:00 AM

Farm Landsberg, Helmeringhausen area, Namibia Farm Landsberg, Helmeringhausen area, Namibia Farm Landsberg, Helmeringhausen area, Namibia

Activities at Landsberg

Landsberg has many different 4x4 adventure off-road routes ready to be explored. From dry riverbeds to the peak of the Tiras Mountain Plateau, ranging from beginner to advanced routes.

Seasonal night drives
Tag along on a mysterious drive under the moonlight. See nocturnal creatures roam the farmland and let your eyes be amazed by our clear southern night skies.

Guided farm drives
Learn the lay of the Land, join an informative adventure drive around the premises - find out more about the flora / fauna of the Tiras Mountains & learn more about our history.

Mountain biking
There are amazing mountain bike routes, from light farm roads to adrenaline pumping Mountain passes. Bring along your own bicycle to check off having conquered the beautiful Tiras Mountains.

Tired of sitting in your car every day, travelling from destination to destination? There are plenty of roads and mountain paths that will pump fresh air into your lungs. Breath in the fresh Mountain air and listen to nature sounds as you stroll, hike or climb over Landsbergs terrains.

Farm Landsberg, Helmeringhausen area, Namibia Farm Landsberg, Helmeringhausen area, Namibia Farm Landsberg, Helmeringhausen area, Namibia

Farm Landsberg

Farm Landsberg was established in 1975 and has been owned and operated by the Izko family to the present day. Once a large scale Karakul sheep farm for many years Landsberg has since shifted to raising Simmentaler / Brahman cattle, Namib-dorper sheep as well as producing organic Jojoba oil.

Previously opened to privatized tourism, Landsberg is reopening its doors to welcome campers to explore beautiful valley in the Tiras Mountains while feel at home in Landsberg new convenient camping sites. One of Namibia’s larger Kokerboom forests is within easy reach while deformed centuries old Acacia trees are scattered in a nearby valley. This is testified in the abundance of many rare succulent species, shrubs, annuals and other perennial plants.

Directions to Landsberg Farm

• From Aus (southern direction) on road C13, turn left onto road C27
• From Helmeringhausen (northern direction) on road C14 turn right onto road C27
• Once on road C27 keep driving for another 20 km
• Turn left onto road F409 (farm road)
• Stay on the most driven farm route for another 23 km
• Arrive safely to Farm Landsberg







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