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The farm measures 7050 ha and is situated about 1000m above sea level at the foot of the Gamsberg Mountain (2347m). The connecting roads are to the East the C26 via the Gamsberg Pass to Windhoek (190km) and towards the West the C26 + C14 through the Kuiseb Canyon through the Namib Desert to Walvis Bay and Swakopmund (210 km). Hosts, Hannelore Neuffer and Frans van Biljon, are the "brownies" of Rooiklip and are concerned about your well being and comfort. They speak English, German and Afrikaans. Frans takes you on tours and shows you the country and its people. The experiences you gain on his tours will remain an unforgettable memory, as well the beauty of "his" country which he loves to share with you. The animals of the farm are e.g. ostriches, sheeps, goats, horses, ducks, geese, peacocks, suricats, cats, dogs and ...... a chameleon which is the heraldic animal of our crest in a zebra cloak ... a small zebra which has been hand reared.
There are 3 guesthouses with 17 beds each room with shower, WC and a small veranda. The lapa offers space to dine and socialise. A bar is available to enjoy a refreshing drink. Informative literature on the country and its fauna and flora is available. The pool invites you to take a refreshing dip and offers a spectacular view over the endless "veld". The size of 14x6m also allows for those who wish to seriously exercise. Only the Gamsberg Mountain and our ostriches will be watching you! Camping with a new twist: 4 semi-circular rock "coves" provide shade and protection to our campsites and are the perfect spot from which to survey a magnificent mountain landscape. Each sheltering cove is large enough for 2 -6 people and is equipped with running warm and cold water, wash basin, gril site, as well as shower and toilet. Breakfast, mid-day and evening meals are available on request.

TV with German programming is available as well as a communication center with PC, internet, e-mail, fax and phone.
Rocky drive - with an off-road vehicle you can get an overall impression of the Namib-border landscape. The drive takes you across undulating hills, through steep gorges and wild, rocky areas displaying weird geological formations. Through dry bush area with vegetation islands you move into desert region. The experienced driver will guide you in your game watching and explain the survival strategies applied in the desert border country. Experience the fight for and around the few watering places and scarce grazing. After the drive (40km) the day is rounded off with a sundowner on the Rooiklip. This rock formation with its caves gave its name to the farm and spoils you with a wonderful view.
Game drive - accompany us on an inspection trip of our game stock. The venison served during meals at Rooiklip originates from our own stocks. Hunting at Rooiklip is only done for the supply of venison for the kitchen and is strictly controlled. No trophy hunting is allowed. Rooiklip does own licences for the hunting and exporting of Zebra, Kudu, Gemsbok, Warthog and Springbok. Smaller animals like Steenbok, Klipspringer, and predators like Leopard, are protected by us.
Hiking - on marked trails you can enjoy the scenery individually and at your very own pace. You can walk over rock formations up to 1.8 billion years old - the time life itself was born on our planet and allow time, space and silence to get to you. Search for the Rooiklip-diamonds (clear quarts crystals). Sit down at the trunk of the huge aloe or the quiver tree and look at our half-human, the moringa tree. If you are lucky you may discover our desert ferns and the strange vegetation. Due to the unchanging climate of the Southwest of Africa a unique flora has developed during millions of years. On extended tour you are accompanied by our guides. Of course we are providing food and drinks. Do let us spoil you with our "outdoor restaurants".
Mountain biking - of the more advanced standard! Up and down over rugged, rocky ground. Sometimes the rider has to push his bike, but it is great fun!
Tours - drive with hosts on a safari and enjoy outings tailored to your interest. Hosts specialize in private tours matching your personal inclination ... or ... take a bicycle tour with for a few days in the Namib Desert and on to Swakopmund ... or ... climb with us up the 2347 m tail Gamsberg ... or, or ...Relax, lay back ... - sit down under a tree or somewhere at a beautiful spot and assimilate the striking nature of the Namib perimeter, the oldest desert on earth. For example, let the smallest and trifling in nature surprise you, like native bird population from an ostrich to a tiny honeysuckle. Perhaps you can cross the way of a desert iguana or the smallest chameleon in pray. After the first rain you can experience the frogs come alive as well as our insects, like the big moths with its rolled-up trunk, who is hovering next to your glass looking to share your good South African red wine at sundowner.

Rooiklip Guest Farm Namibia Rooiklip Guest Farm Namibia Rooiklip Guest Farm Namibia

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