Trans Namib Railway Museum

One of the most interesting museums in Windhoek is Railway Museum depicting history of railway lines in Namibia. You can visit it on Windhoek city tours.

The Trans Namib Museum is located in historical Windhoek Railway station building. The museum was officially opened on 1 July 1993. The exhibition consists of wide range of railway equipment, maps and related items date back to German colonial times and South African administration. Outside of the museum you can see old locomotives including the first diesel locomotive in the country, one of the first machinery used in the country where first railway lines were built.

Another part of exhibition is dedicated to Namibian Airways history and Namibian Maritime history. You can also see the crockery and cutlery used in the dining cars of South African Railways in Namibia, telecommunication and electrical equipment.
Some very interesting facts are revealed in documents in museum's collection. For example, the railway workshops in Karibib already had an electric lighting in 1902, and that the National Transport Corporation of South West Africa/Namibia started its operation in 1988, replacing the operations of South African Transport Services.

The building is an interesting monument itself. Built in 1912 by German Railways, it was enlarged (the northern wing of the building was added) in 1929 by South African Railways. The addition was made in the same style that now you can see no difference between two parts of the building. The sign at the entrance contains altitude information of the location:''1652 metres above sea level''.
The museum is open from 9.00 to 12.00 and 14.00 to 16.00
Tel: +264 61 298 2186

How to find museum: you have to drive along Independence Avenue (from Ausspanplatz side) and turn left on Bahnhof Strasse after Thuringer Hof hotel. The old railway station building will be to your right after 200 meters.

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