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... doesn't sweat. He is secreting a fluid for accurate testing of mineral tablets.
... doesn't flee. He is separating to irritate a robber.
... doesn't get frightened. He is stiffening into a pillar of salt to avoid the delivery of a body heat.
... doesn't feel pain. He is just crying to frighten his opponent.
... doesn't get bold. He is wearing his hair just extremely short.
... doesn't sleep. He is sheltering his eyes against the moonlight to conserve his adapting abilities.
... doesn't weep. He is sheltering his eyes against drying up.
... doesn't make love. He is just making push-ups and meanwhile testing interhuman relations.
... doesn't freeze. He is shaking for fury because it doesn't get colder.
... doesn't die. He is slowing down his heart-beat for a long Yoga exercise under the ground.
Code of conduct of professional tour guide
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