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Welcome to Walvis Bay's Pelican Point Lodge Namibia!
New luxury establishment, Pelican Point Lodge, is situated on a unique stretch of land, the remote peninsula of Pelican Point at town of Walvis Bay, at the Atlantic coast of Namibia, a committed venue to creating memories for all our guests that will last a lifetime. See history of Walvis Bay Lighthouse.

With the untouched beaches of the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and the Lagoon of Walvis Bay on the other, our aim is to provide you with an unique experience that demands nothing much of you, but to arrive, relax, reflect and unwind in one of the most enchanting and unique settings in our beautiful country.

YouTube aerial video of Pelican Point Lodge:

From your own private deck, expect to enjoy the antics of hundreds of seals surfing the ocean waves, or just their basking in the sun, spot the Dolphin's, Whales and Mola-Mola, hearing the distinctive call of the jackal roaming close by the lodge, observing their playful nature. Witness spectacular bird flocks of Damara terns, cormorants and flamingo's flying or feeding in the more tranquil waters of Walvis Bay lagoon. Follow fishing vessels, passenger ships, oil rigs, catamarans, and boat operators to and from the Walvis Bay harbor which all presents perfect photo opportunities on misty or bright sunny days.

For closer encounters, a relaxing stroll to the point of the Peninsula will present you with perfect photographic opportunities of intriguing small desert dwellers, treasures exposed by the wind and tides of the ocean, closer observation of the playful seals, flocks of chanting seagulls and curious jackals sniffing around. A familiar favorite is a walk to the old rusted Jetty, about 800 metres from the Lodge, with a book, camera, picnic basket, interacting and observing the playful seals and birdlife from close. On a clear sunny day the dunes of the Namib Desert, the ships, vessels and boats on the Lagoon will give you a perfect backdrop to create special memories of this unique place and strengthen your appreciation for the natural world around us.

Pelican Point Lodge Walvis Bay, Namibia Pelican Point Lodge Walvis Bay, Namibia Pelican Point Lodge Walvis Bay, Namibia

At Pelican Point Lodge we offer you the experience of having your holiday on the semi-remote Peninsula of Pelican Point , 32 km from Walvis Bay.

Experience the stunning and unique, and ever changing views as the day passes on. You'll stay in one of our 9 suites of your choice, all decorated and furnished in style & luxury. Each suite is equipped to cope with the climatic changes of the Peninsula in mind.

One to one service, scrumptious dining and privacy are guaranteed during your stay in the former Harbor control building situated at the foot of the Pelican Point Lighthouse safely guiding ships into the harbor of Walvis Bay.

You'll experience your stay surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean at one side and the Lagoon of Walvis Bay at the other as a truly unique setting.

Expect to hear the call of the jackal at night while they wander around the lodge, listen to the sounds of around 20000 seals interacting with each other, watch ships come and go, observing the light beams of the Lighthouse going on it roundabout at night, be amazed at the beauty of the landscape during full moon, sip cocktails or have a cup of coffee whilst observing stunning and unique sunsets and sunrises and relax to the sound of breaking waves close by.

From your bed or your private balcony you'll experience the most stunning views and unique lightshows the Namibian sky has to offer. Decoration of the rooms is made to take advantage of the views and light this unique environment has to offer.

Pelican Point Lodge Walvis Bay, Namibia Pelican Point Lodge Walvis Bay, Namibia Pelican Point Lodge Walvis Bay, Namibia

The former harbor control tower is changed into our Captain's Cove suite to accommodate you as our esteemed guest. Fit for Kings, Captain`s and Presidents it offers absolute privacy and 360 views to enjoy the landscape from above.

Our Lounge and dining area will surprise you with its spectacular views whilst enjoying the social scene and dining. The huge deck will offer you the best views over the bay and the desert dunes whilst enjoying the amazing sunset light spectacle.

"Pelican Point Lodge at all times, and through all practices, take the environment into consideration, through sustainability management, taking all factors into view as follows:

The scarring of landscapes and damage to wildlife habitats through off-road driving and careless behavior;
The unsustainable use of scarce resources (e.g. water and wood)
Pollutants from sewerage, domestic waste, chemical cleaners and litter
Intrusions on local cultures and values, and economic distortions

Pelican Point Lodge Walvis Bay, Namibia Pelican Point Lodge Walvis Bay, Namibia Pelican Point Lodge Walvis Bay, Namibia

Pelican Point Lodge aims to become a leader and example in Eco-Friendly practices within the hospitality setting, and with Namibia's 2030 vision in mind, with the support of all our key-role players achieve success in achieving the Five Flower Award as part of Namibia's Eco-award program".

Accommodation is offered in the renovated old Harbor Control building, at the foot of the Lighthouse, known as Pelican Point Lodge and offers our guests a choice of 9 Luxury suites.

The Ocean Suite, The Oyster Suite, The Jetty Suite, The Lagoon Suite, The Pelican Suite, The Seal Suite, The Lighthouse Suite, The Dolphin Suite and the top room with 360 views is the Captain`s Cove Suite

Our guests that prefer to dine in private in their suite, deck or want something special is always welcome to talk to us to make it a memorable dining experience.

YouTube video of dolphin cruise from Walvis Bay:


See a full list of Namibian coast shipwrecks.

All our suites are spacious, decorated in a warm contemporary style and designed to make use of the beautiful views even whilst showering.

Direct Dial Telephone to Reception
I-Phone charger and clock
Hair dryer
Bedside Lamps
Dressing Table
Seating /Lounging Area
Deck area to enjoy amazing views of the lagoon with blankets for the sometimes chilly and windy evenings
Private safe
Bio Eco Fireplace
24hr-Room Service
Welcome gift
Queen Size Bed
2 Showers and 2 basins in most of our suites
A bath & Shower in the Captain`s Cove Suite
Gowns & Slippers
Views to die for and Style in abundance all free of charge

Other services and facilities available are:

Laundry service
Internet & Email facility (wireless internet hotspot)
Lavish breakfast served in the Dining room, deck or in your room
Light Lunch available on request
3-Course Dinner served daily in then Dining room or deck depending on the weather.
A lounge where you can read, relax and having a drink before sitting down to dine.
A deck area for watching the sunset, sunrise, jackals, seals and stunning scenery
Secure, on-site parking
Relaxed ambience and personalized service.
Complimentary Coffee/tea/soft drinks and water

Pelican Point Lodge offers you an opportunity to explore the pristine stretch of sand of the Peninsula and enjoy a unique setting right on our doorstep without any costs.

We can arrange a breakfast pack, picnic lunch or sundowner for a walk to the Peninsula Point or old Jetty whilst discovering and experiencing the strip of sand between the ocean and the Harbour of Walvis Bay known as Pelican Point. Sit, walk, observe, and take pictures in close proximity of the seal colonies whilst munching away and do not be surprised if a jackal or two ventures close to give you a perfect shot. Observe the Damara-tern, flamingos, pelicans, the colonies of seals, giant jellyfish and remains of oyster farms.

If you feel a bit more adventurous we can prior to your arrival arrange any of the following activities for you to participate in:

Kayaking with the seals
Dolphin Cruises
Quad biking in the dunes
Sand Boarding
Sandwich Harbour 4 x 4 Trips
Photo Ventures
Dune 7 trips
Bird watching
Guided tour of the salt pans and the Ramsar site
Donkey Bay/Skeleton Bay Surfing
Dune Paragliding
Camel Ride in the Dunes
Swakopmund Culture Tour
Township Tour
Ariel Scenic Flight Tour over Sandwich Harbour and Coastline
Hot Air Ballooning

See a full list of Namibian coast shipwrecks.

Best available rates (BAR): on request

Suites per night
Ground floor -
The Ocean & The Oyster suites or family rooms -
The Lagoon & The Jetty luxury rooms -
Second floor -
The Lighthouse & The Pelican luxury rooms -
The Seal & The Dolphin luxury rooms -
Third floor -
The Captain's Cove Penthouse -






Contact & reservations:

Reservations are only accepted in writing: by fax or via e-mail.
Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

Terms & conditions, Payment options and Cancellation policy

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