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Oranjemund (German for: "Mouth of Oranje") is a town of 4,000 inhabitants situated in the extreme southwest of Republic of Namibia, on the northern bank of the Orange River mouth. It exists to service the diamond industry.

Sperrgebiet National Park

The town is run by Namdeb (formerly Consolidated Diamond Mines), now a subsidiary of De Beers. Access to, and settlement in Oranjemund is restricted to employees and their relatives. Its infrastructure is superior to that of other towns in Namibia's South, due to it not being dependent on cost recovery from its inhabitants. In the second half of the 20th century, Oranjemund featured a large recreational complex with swimming pool, cinema, restaurants and bars. Water is still provided free of charge, and until 2009 so was electricity. There is a border post to South Africa, only persons with pre-application of 1 month are allowed to cross the border.

First established in 1936, following Hans Merensky's discovery of significant alluvial diamond deposits on the north bank of the Orange River and the adjacent northern coastline. Production of mainly gem-quality diamonds has remained in the region of 2 million carats (400 kg) per year since inception of the mine, mainly through improvements in technology.

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Oranjemund has a mild desert climate (BWn, according to the Köppen climate classification), with pleasant temperatures throughout the year. The average annual precipitation is 50 mm (2 in).


The Oranjemund Airport has services operated by Air Namibia going to Cape Town, Lüderitz, Walvis Bay and Windhoek.

Coordinates: 2833'6"S 1625'35"E
Country: Namibia
Region: Karas Region
Constituency: Oranjemund Constituency
Elevation: 39 ft (12 m)
Population: (2001): total 4,451
Time zone: South African Standard Time (UTC+1)

Oranjemund, at the mouth of the Orange River, owes its existence to diamonds. So great was its wealth, that in 1944 it supplanted Kolmanskop as the CDM headquarters. With a population of 8000, Oranjemund is now an archetypal company town, with 100% employment, subsidized housing and medical care for its workers and their families. Despite its desert location, CDM maintains golf course and large areas of green parkland. All Oranjemund visitors must have a permit from Namdeb.
s: Orange River
Phone code: 063. Police: 10111.

Downloads - permits:

1. Ministry of Mines and Energy Permit Application

2. Ministry of Mines and Energy Permit Application

2. Indemnity

Guests/visitors are responsible for arranging own permit/s prior to arrival.

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