Sandwich Harbour

Sandwich Harbour, 50 km south of Walvis Bay and part of Dorob National Park, historically served as a commercial fishing and trading port, and indeed, the name may well be derived from an English whaler, the Sandwich, which operated in the mid-1780s. It's thought that the captain of this ship produced the first map of this coastline. (However, the name may also be a corruption of the German word "sandfishche", a type of shark often found here). Although it's now a total wilderness, Sandwich Harbour has historically hosted various enterprises, from fish processing and shark-oil extraction to sealing and guano collection. In the late 1800s the southern end of the lagoon even supported an extensive abattoir, which was set up by some enlightened soul who'd taken up the notion of driving cattle over the dunes to the harbour for slaughter and export. All that remains of these efforts is an early-to mid 1900s hut used for guano collection, a rusting barge, a graveyard and some wooden beams from the abattoir. The site is open 6am to 8pm daily; however, there are no facilities for visitors.

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Sandwich Harbour Namibia

Sandwich Harbour Namibia

Rates: on request

The tour departs from the Hotel or any location in Swakopmund. The safari travels through the Swakop River, a dry riverbed that seldom flows, to the "Moon Mountains" allowing time to explore this area of deep chasms and interesting geological features before continuing to "Welwitschia Valley" where literally thousands of these fascinating plants litter the ground. The Welwitschia plant was discovered in 1859 by Dr Friedrich Welwitsch and has been recorded as living to 1500 years. It is the most talked about plant in the Botanical World and considered to be the Paradox of the Namib. Study some interesting lichens before returning to Swakopmund.

Time: 09H00 - 13H00
14H00 - 18H00
Pax 3 Min.

Via the Walvis Bay Lagoon, Bird Paradise, saltpans, Kuiseb Delta and dramatic Desert shoreline drive to Sandwich harbour. This is an ecological, ornithological and scenic phenomenon, which played and intriguing role in Namibia’s whaling history. One of the most difficult to reach places in the country and one of the most memorable. (Tour departures according to tide)

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The tour departs from any hotel or other location in Swakopmund. Perched atop a dune (or Moon Landscape) overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, enjoy a feast of fresh oysters and a glass of champagne (South African). The Atlantic Ocean has a nutrient rich current which makes the quality of the oysters superior and a not-to-be missed experience. (Snacks for those not partial to oysters with prior arrangement). Return to your hotel once the sun has set…(Price includes return transfers from the Hotel)

Pax 2 minimum

The tour departs from the Hotel or any location in Swakopmund. Travel via the small thriving town of Henties Bay, which is noted for its angling, to the Cape Cross Seal Colony. In 1486, Diego Cao, the first European to set foot on the coast of Namibia, erected a cross at Cape Cross. In addition to being of historical interest, Cape Cross has a breeding colony of Cape Fur Seals and numbers fluctuate between 80 000 and 100 000 individuals. Of the breeding colonies of Cape Fur Seals along the coast of South Africa and Namibia, Cape Cross is the largest. The Cape Fur Seal is one of three species of fur seal that occur along the Southern African coast.

Pax 3 Min
Time: 08H30 - 13H00 \ 14H00 - 18H00

Start off with a fact filled drive through Swakopmund. Visit the lagoon Ramsar site & bird information centre. Head on to through mud flood plains & salt pans to turn north on the 4x4 tracks towards Pelican Point. Snacks, drinks & oysters are served on the beach against a natural shipwreck setting. Seals & the occasional lone jackal might also be viewed. Sea kayaking is an option for group/corporate clients, but must be pre-arranged.

Pax 3 Min
Duration: 4 hours

The Namib Desert - The oldest desert in the world. The word Namib means place of emptiness. Come and discover the life in this desolate landscape. See the White Lady Spider (which only moves after dark) roll down a dune to escape and see her dance at the bottom to defend herself. Discover the elusive Palmato gecko, which is also a nocturnal customer, come and see this transparent reptile - his vertebrae and blood veins, his large eyes. The Desert Sidewinder is also an inhabitant of the dunes. Come and follow his caterpillar tracks across a dune slip-face till you find him lying submerged in ambush for an unsuspecting Aporasaura Sand Diving Lizard. Also come and see where the fish moths live, hear a dune roar, see the Damara tern - an endangered bird, experience the silence and much more....


The Namib Desert is reputed to house some of the largest sand dunes on this planet. There is no better way to experience these wonders in an environment friendly way than to zoom down headfirst on a traditional Swakopmund sandboard. For stand-up sand boarding snowboards with soft binding are used. Previous experience in any ‘balance’ sport required (skateboarding, skiing, etc.).

Experience the thrill of riding a four-wheeled motorbike through Namibia’s boundless expanse of shifting sand Dunes. An experienced guide leads from the Swakop River Mouth down the riverbed. Feel the freedom of riding through one of nature’s great wildernesses cutting through the plains and heading into the Dunes. Ages 16 and up, NO previous experience necessary. The trip includes a free safety talk, lesson in riding quad bikes and environment friendly riding methods. Helmets, goggles and gloves will be provided.

Cruise the harbour and trawler boat areas in ski boats and then cut across the lagoon to Pelican Point where the entertainment is provided by a large seal colony and schools of dolphins swimming alongside the boats. Fresh oysters with cold champagne are enjoyed. Return to Walvis Bay Yacht Club at approximately 12H30.

Note: Tour starts from the Walvis Bay Yacht Club in Walvis Bay at 09h00 sharp.
Return transfer Swakopmund - Walvis Bay: click here

Skydive Swakopmund is Namibia’s premiere drop zone, located just outside the coastal town of Swakopmund. The scenery viewed whilst floating peacefully under an inflated parachute is simply breath taking. Operating since 1980, Skydive Swakopmund is carrying on a long tradition of high quality skydiving, training and fun that has always been associated with the coast. Tandem Skydiving allows you to jump with as little as 15 minutes training. You will freefall for 30 second at 220km/h from 10 000 feet!! Following, you will enjoy a 5-minute canopy ride down to a tiptoe landing outside the clubhouse.

Riding a camel seems a dream…here is your chance to make it come true. Put your skills to the test climb on the hump and feel the difference. Children half price.

Return Transfer to the Camel Farm: click here

On well schooled, reliable horses in good, healthy condition you can choose a route that covers the dry riverbed of the Swakop River and along the beach or into the Moon Landscape. Guided sunrise and sunset as well as moonlight rides or pony rides for children can be arranged.
Minimum 2 Pax

Rates: click here

Experience the splendour of the beautiful wetlands and offshore coastal areas from the unique vantage of the sea kayak. Witness the splendid scenes such as flamingos, pelicans, or seals and dolphins splashing around the kayaks. Tours are led by an experienced, licensed guide and only certified, seaworthy kayaks are used.

Note: This excursion starts from Walvis Bay. Transport to and from the lagoon is not included.

@ MET brochure: Sandwich Harbour


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