Water saving tips for tourists

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Welcome to beautiful Namibia. We trust that you will enjoy your stay and appreciate the country as much as we do.
You have probably noticed that Namibia is an arid country. The largest part receives a mean rainfall of between 100 mm and 400 mm a year:
83% immediately evaporates into the air
14% is lost through transpiration from plants and trees
2% runs down the rivers and some into dams
only 1% enters the ground to replenish the groundwater. At the moment, some towns and cities such as Windhoek's water sources are being more or less exploited.
Under these circumstances it would be foolish not to conserve existing supplies. We as Namibians have learnt to accept this restraint and to adopt our lifestyles accordingly. You as a tourist can also make a meaningful water saving contribution while you're visiting. Respect our scarce water resource by taking these simple measures:
- Choose a shower instead of a bath. An average bath at 10 cm deep uses about 80 litres of water.
- Take short showers. A 4-minute shower uses about 24 litres of water.
- If a shower is not available, remember that you don't need to fill the bath to the rim to get clean. Share a bath - it's fun! Request your host/hostess to install some showers heads and flow reducers.
- Don't leave the water running while washing hands, brushing teeth or shaving. Use the plug.
- Use a glass or keep a container of water in the fridge (if available). One wastes less this way than by letting the tap run until the water is cold, or by drinking water from the tap.
- If you notice a leaking tap, report it to your host/hostess immediately.
- If travelling by car, remember that cleaning it with a hose is illegal. Use a bucket and a cloth.
Thank you for saving water with us.
Information from Earthlife Africa


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