Aircraft rentals in Namibia

A complete set out for aircraft hire an aircraft for private flying*.
This is applicable to any pilot wishing  to hire an aircraft for private flying.

1.A Validation:
a) Documents needed:
Copy of passport
Copy of flying license
Certified Copy of last page of his logbook
Copy of radio license
Copy of valid medical, if you are over 40 years of age, your medical must have been done within the past 12 months. Please ensure that your medical is translated in English. (NB: Please do not e-mail or fax your documents in advance. We only need the medical approximately one week in advance).

b) Check flight on the aircraft, the pilot intents to hire
Duration : allow approximately at least one hour for briefing and one hour for flying

c) Radio Exam
We provide the pilot with a radio brochure, which he has to study (preferably before arriving in Namibia), and then do a radio exam with an ATC (theory & practical).
Cost of test : N$50.00
Duration of test : Approximately one and a half hour. We will book a radio exam before your arrival in Namibia with an ATC.

d) Airlaw exam must be done at the WFTC. Study material available on request.

e) Obtaining Validation from DCA Namibia
After the above-mentioned is finalised we can apply for the Pilotís Validation.
Cost : N$100.00
Duration : Please allow approximately two working days for the administration

Rates Wet Dry
C152 - -
C172 - -
C182 - -
C210 - -


a) Rates do not include 15% VAT.
b) Rates are WET rate (fuel included). Fuel included at Eros Airport price.
c) Landing fees and passenger taxes excluded. Rates vary at airports.
d) Insurance rates is calculated based on the pilotís total hours and the hours on the type.
e) Minimum of 2 hours flight time per day.
f) Flight time will be calculated on the Hobbs reading. (From start-up to shut-down).
g) A deposit of 2 hours per day for the duration of the rental to be paid prior to departure.
h) Payment can be done in cash, cheque or credit card.
i) Flight instructor is available.
j) Safety Pilot is available. Client to pay all meals as well as accommodation for the safety pilot.
k) Rental on any aircraft will only be granted if the pilot can proof that he has flown this type previously and itís noted in pilotís logbook.

Contact & reservations:

To book:

1) you can e-mail us requesting information and/or rates

Reservations are only accepted in writing: by fax or via e-mail.
Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

Terms & conditions, Payment options and Cancellation policy


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