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The Hohenstein Lodge is situated on the south-western edge of the Erongo Mountains at the foot of the huge Hohenstein massive, about 25 km north of Usakos on the road D 1935 to Swakopmund. It is the closest lodge to the famous Spitzkoppe Mountains.Hohenstein Lodge Usakos, Namibia
At Hohenstein all the bungalows and the restaurant share the same breathtaking view. To the right you will see Mount Hohenstein (2.319 meter above sea level). In front of Hohenstein Lodge Namibia restaurantyou across a wide valley dotted with ancient Camel thorn trees, is Mount Kainachab (1.469 meter). A little further to the left is the famous Spitzkoppe.
Anyone choosing to stay longer can do day trips to Spitzkoppe and Brandberg, go on long hikes, or do game- and bird-watching. The panorama from the peak of Kainachab cannot be described - it's something that has to be experienced.
Hosts are active members of Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy (EMNC) which works to protect the wealth of endemic and rare wildlife species and the archaeological sites of the Erongo Mountain. At lodge's border the community area of the Damaraland starts.
Having dinner inside the restaurant or outside on our spacious veranda while game comes to the water hole to drink is an experience you will never forget. During the day, birds are attracted to the water. Remember to bring your binoculars!

The area of the Hohenstein Lodge is without any doubt one of the most impressive landscapes of the country. The name of the lodge is the name of the highest mountain of the Erongo, the Hohenstein. After hosts bought the farm years ago hosts started to transfer the farm into a reserve and the local people from the Damaraland were part of the project and these local people were building the lodge under the supervision of skilled people from outside. Lodge's stuff is very proud on what was done already and like to share their feelings with the guests.

Hohenstein Lodge is located on the bottom of the Hohenstein, the highest peak of the Erongo Mountains. Measuring up to 2,319 m above sea level, the Hohenstein represents the impressive western edge of the Erongo mountain range. In the evening, spectacular sunsets above the desert plain bathe the mountain in fantastic red light. Towards the west, the view over the impressive scenery extends as far as the Spitzkoppe peak, a prominent relief from the plain in a distance of about 30 km.

Take a seat on the restaurant’s terrace and sip a cool drink while enjoying this spectacular view as well as the view down the valley dotted with ancient camel thorn trees and the Kaichanab located on the farm grounds and rising up to 1,469 m. The panoramic view from the peak of the Kaichanab is beyond words, you’ll have to go and see for yourself. Having dinner in the restaurant or on the spacious porch while watching game on the watering whole is just as much a memorable experience. During the day, numerous birds can be seen at the watering hole.

If you stay a little longer, make sure to schedule day trips to Spitzkoppe and Brandberg, do some game and bird watching or go on extensive hikes. Our hiking guide also offers mineralogical and other mountain hikes.

Accommodation and amenities

14 double rooms with en-suite shower / WC, private terrace and in-room safe
Restaurant with fireplace in the main building
Large observation platform
Swimming pool with panoramic view
220V electric current outlets

The Hohenstein Lodge offers accommodation in 14 spacious rooms with en-suite shower /WC and in-room safe. Relax in the private atmosphere of the shady terrace belonging to each room and enjoy the unique scenic view. Or take a dip in the swimming pool that also offers a panoramic vista.

Reception and restaurant are located in the main building. During the summer season, you can have breakfast on our large terrace. Our sumptuous buffet is waiting for you. And for dinner, let us enchant you with our African night. Our European-style dishes will flatter your taste buds with African influences.
The main building, swimming pool and bungalows are connected by comfortably paved walkways. Some of the rooms offer disabled-friendly comfort including floor-flush, barrier-free and very spacious showers.


The Hohenstein Lodge offers accommodation in 14 spacious rooms with en-suite shower /WC and in-room safe. Relax in the private atmosphere of the shady terrace belonging to each room and enjoy the unique scenic view.


The Erongo range consists of the remains of a ring dyke, an elliptic magma basin made of basalt and granite created by a subterranean volcanic eruption during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (approx. 140 to 190 million years ago). On its southwestern side, the Hohenstein massif represents the by far highest and steepest part of the Erongo range. Following the stone age inhabitants, bushmen and Damara settled on the bottom of the Hohenstein. Many of them left drawings on overhangs, in caves and on large rocks.

In the first half of the 20th century, the farm Davib Ost 61 was set up. It took an enormous amount of energy to “civilize” this most impressive and primordial landscape. Wells were bore drilled in the granite, grazing areas were fenced, minerals were dug for. After years of hard work, sheep farming led to prosperity, as an old spoked wheel with part of the differential of an expensive car found on the farm grounds has proven.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, the farm grounds of Davib Ost 61 have been converted to a private reserve in cooperation with the Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy (EMNC). Many kilometers of fence were dismantled on the approx. 8,000 hectares. On the external edge of the EMNC along the road D 1935, 18 km of game fence were set up and patrolled daily by a game keeper, while the Hohenstein Lodge was built on the grounds. As Davib Ost 61 directly borders on the former Damaraland, setting up jobs in tourism for the local residents was focused on. These jobs are paramount for the locals since the small villages are far away from larger urban areas.

From the beginning, the Damara population was involved in the project. Experts showed them how to build the lodge, water lines and game fences and trained them for working in the lodge. As the area offers few possibilities of employment, many locals work as ‘small miners’ digging up minerals. We do our best to set up links with these small miners, too, and to encourage their sensibility for nature protection and sustainability.


The grounds of Hohenstein Lodge belong to the most impressive sceneries of Namibia. The lodge was named after the highest peak of the Erongo mountains, the Hohenstein, on whose bottom it is actually located. The former farm area directly borders on the Damara homeland.

Hohenstein Lodge is the lodge closest to Spitzkoppe. And the famous ‘Philipps Cave’ rock paintings as well as the ‘Bull’s Party’ granite boulder formations are located just around the corner on the neighboring farm.
The position of the lodge is perfect for self-drive tours between Brandberg and Spitzkoppe as it is located on the southwestern edge of the Erongo mountain range right on the bottom of the impressive Hohenstein massif, approximately 25 km north of Usakos on the D 1935.

Rates per person per night: on request

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Morning guided walking trail, 1-1.5 hours -
Boulder forest guided walk, departs at 15:00 -






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