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Day 1 Highlight: South Africa – Cederberg Mountain Region Two to Four per room LD

We depart Cape Town heading north for the Cederberg Mountain region. This area offers a variety of outdoor activities. On this first afternoon we spend some time learning about tour-life, the vehicle and equipment.

Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two to Four per room: The Baths, Citrusdal
Facilities: Drinkable water, hot showers, good ablutions
Route: Cape Town to Citrusdal. 180 km
Travel time: 3-4 hrs

We depart from Cape Town and set off on our journey. This first day will take us through a variety of landscapes and diverse agriculturally important areas. Be on the lookout for the grain fields of the “Swartland” and the Citrus plantations in the Cederberg region as we start heading inland. We should reach our destination around lunchtime.

Day 2 Highlight: Namibia - Namaqualand / Gariep River Two per room BLD

We travel north through Namaqualand and head for the Gariep River. The night is spent on the banks of the river, sitting around the campfire, getting to know one another.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Felix Unite.
Facilities: Water not drinkable, bar, hot showers, washing up area.
Route: Citrusdal to Gariep River. 530 km
Travel time: 9-10 hrs plus border crossing

It is quite a long drive up to the Gariep River. There will be a short stop in the town of Springbok for some shopping and possibly banking (there is an ATM here).

Border Crossing:
South African side: Make sure you are aware of maximum duty-free allowances i.e. cigs, beer and wine (400, 2 liters, 2 liters?) You do not have to complete immigration (exit) forms but have to appear in person to get an exit stamp. Do not wear hats or sunglasses in the immigration office.
Namibian side: Everyone must fill in arrival forms; make sure all forms are filled in with detail. Length of stay should be the same for all (approx. 14 days).

Day 3 Highlight: Gariep River / Ai-Ais Two per room BLD

In the morning we have the opportunity to experience the Gariep River by canoe. Choose between a relaxing morning on the riverbank or the Half-Day Canoe adventure. After lunch we travel north to the Ai-Ais Hot Springs where we spend an enjoyable afternoon in the warm waters.
Optional Activities: Half-Day Canoe Adventure

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Ai-Ais
Facilities: Drinkable water, small kiosk, good ablutions with hot showers
Route: Gariep River to Fish river Canyon. 260 km
Travel time: 3-4 hrs

Activities: You have the option of doing a half-day trip on the river. You will need to decide this beforehand, so that we can phone the operator and make bookings. It is not advisable for you to take any alcohol on the river. You will have a safety talk, given by the river guide, before boarding the boats. Make sure that you take enough water. You should drink at least 3 litres of water while on the river, more if you have been drinking the night before.

What you should pack:

• Sunscreen and hats
• Something warm to wear just in case
• Water Bottles – very important
• Mosquito repellent

Day 4 Highlight: Fish River Canyon / Kokerboom Forest Two per room BLD

After an early breakfast our journey takes us to the mighty Fish River Canyon where there will be ample possibility to take some spectacular pictures of the second largest Canyon in the world. After visiting the Canyon we travel further inland to the Kalahari area of Namibia. On the way we will make a short stop near Keetmanshoop to visit the Kokerboom (Quiver Tree) Forest – fantastic for photography! Tomorrow we will have the option to go on a game drive and meet the local ‘bushman’ community.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Intu Afrika
Facilities: Drinkable water, "open air" flush toilets, ablution blocks with hot water for showers.
Route: Fish river Canyon to Mariental. 450 km
Travel time: 7-8 hrs

Fish River Canyon: Unfortunately you are under no circumstances allowed to walk down the canyon, not even to the first plateau – if you get caught, Namibian Wildlife Resorts will issue you with a fine.

Day 5 Highlight: !Kung Bushman Community / Namib Naukluft National Park Two per tent BLD

This morning those who wish to spend some time with the !Kung will have the chance to do so. This activity is a local community project and all fees are payable directly to the community. Those who choose not to participate can spend a leisurely morning on short hikes in the desert, or sleeping in. Later we drive west towards Sossusvlei and enter the Namib region.
Optional Activities: !Kung Bushman Excursion or Game Drive

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per tent (Tented camp): Tsauchab Region.
Facilities: Drinkable water, hot showers and good ablutions.
Route: Mariental to Tsauchab. 350 km
Travel time: 4-6hrs

Early in the morning those who choose to will set off on a desert walk to meet the Bushmen. Make sure you take your water with you and ensure that you listen to the local guides when they explain what is polite and what is not.

Alternatively we have the option to take a 4 x 4 game drive across the red desert dunes where we will have the opportunity to see a variety of birds and game species (springbok, giraffes, zebra, oryx, blue wildebeest, etc)

Day 6 Highlight: Namib Naukluft National Park Two per tent BLD

Taking advantage of the cooler temperatures we depart at dawn and drive into the Namib-Naukluft National Park where we will hike up one of the dunes to gain a different perspective of the desert. We leave the truck at the 2x4 parking area where you have the option to go on a guided walk with a local expert on the area, or hike into Sossusvlei with some of the other group members. In the late afternoon we will visit Sesriem Canyon.
Optional Activities: Guided walk with Local Expert

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per tent (Tented camp): Tsauchab Region.
Facilities: Drinkable water, hot showers and good ablutions.
Route: Tsauchab to Sossusvlei. ±150 km (return journey)
Travel time: ±2 hrs

Activities: A local guide offers a hike into the dunes; it is worth the extra charge – your guides will give you the information about this hike. At least one guide will accompany you on your walk. The walk from the 2x4 parking to Sossusvlei is very nice and can be done at no extra cost. Make sure you take water! After our walk we head to Sesriem Canyon to explore this wonderful geographical feature.

Day 7/8 Highlight: Swakopmund Four per room BLD (D day 8 only)

A dramatic drive through the arid Namib Naukluft sees us arrive at Walvis Bay where, if we are fortunate, the resident flamingo flock can be seen. Then it's on to the seaside resort town of Swakopmund. You have the option of enjoying a dinner at a local restaurant serving the catch of the day from the local fishermen, or dining at the lodge, both at your own expense. The next day is left totally open for each person to pursue their own interests including many adventure activities:
Optional Activities: Quadbiking, Sandboarding, Sky Diving, Scenic Flights, Fishing etc…

Day 7:
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Dinner: It’s not included. The group usually goes out for a dinner at a local restaurant – the guides can book this in advance. After the meal you can go out to one of the local clubs. If you do, one of the guides will go with you.
Accommodation: Four per room: Dunes Lodge.
Facilities: Drinkable water, hot showers, indoor swimming pool, sauna, cash bar, laundry service.
Route: Tsauchab to Swakopmund. 300 km.
Travel time: 4-5 hours (including Walvis Bay)
Activities: The guides will take you to a local operator, so you can get a briefing for activities and bookings.

We will stop at the Kuiseb pass for dramatic geology (also known as the Moon Landscapes). We make a stop at Walvis Bay to view the flamingos, if they are there. NB: As you go through the Guab pass you will be crossing the Tropic of Capricorn.

Day 8:
Today is spent in pursuit of adventure and adrenalin. We may choose to do some shopping in town or head for the beach.
Optional Activities: Quadbiking, Sandboarding, Sky Diving, Scenic Flights, Fishing etc…

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Four per room: Dunes Lodge
Facilities: Drinkable water, hot showers, indoor swimming pool, sauna, cash bar, laundry service.

The guides will arrange a time to meet at the hostel for lunch. You can go and have lunch in town if you want. There is ATM banking facilities here and Foreign exchange offices that are open during working hours.

Day 9 Highlight: Himba Tribes Two to Four per room BLD

Heading inland again we drive north towards Kamanjab where we will meet with some of the local people of the area. The Himba are easily recognizable by their unique style of dress. Encountering a totally different way of life is a moving experience for many people.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two to Four per room: Oase Guest House.
Facilities: Good ablutions, hot showers and bar.
Route: Swakopmund to Kamanjab. 650 km
Travel time: 7-8 hrs. Long Day

Depending on our time we will spend the afternoon visiting the Himba, or the next morning before we depart for Etosha. Please have respect for the people that you are going to visit. Keep in mind that they have a different culture, and that behaviour you deem as normal might be offensive to them, and vice verse.

Day 10/11 Highlight: Etosha National Park Two to Three per room BLD

An early rise sees us on our way to Etosha National Park and some of most unique game viewing experiences in Africa. We spend our days visiting the abundant water holes for some excellent game photography. After our evening meal we relax at some of the finest floodlit waterholes in the world. Occasionally it may not be possible to overnight inside the National Park in which case we will spend the night at a lovely guest farm just outside of Etosha.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two to Three per room: Depending on the time of year we will stay in the best area of the park for game viewing at a Namibia Wildlife Resort Campsite.
Facilities: Drinkable water, hot showers, bar, shop, posting facilities, swimming pool and waterholes at all campsites.
Route: Kamanjab to Etosha NP. 300 km
Travel time: 4-5 hrs

During the rainy season, animals are scattered over a vast grazing area, congregating in large numbers on the plains west of the pan where the grazing is good. At this time bird life in the pan is varied. The 400-mm of rain that falls can also create muddy roads and short term surface flooding. Temperatures are high - around 38 Degrees Celsius - and life is not very comfortable. In the winter temperatures sometimes drop to below 3 degrees Celsius.

Note: The quality of the experience in game parks is directly related to how quiet and attentive you are. Game viewing in Etosha is normally very good and the animal life is varied. However it is important to remember that luck plays a big part in game viewing.

Day 12 Highlight: Windhoek Tour ends Own arrangements BL

After an early morning game drive we set off for Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. On the way we will stop at a local craft market for some shopping. The tour ends on arrival in Windhoek. Some groups decide to have an evening meal at Joe’s Beer House to end off their African adventure. It is a highlight for non-vegetarians as you can try many different types of game meat. Vegetarians are well catered for and the interesting décor and vibrant atmosphere is well worth the visit.
Optional Activities: Dinner at Joe’s Beer House, Township Excursion.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodation: Own arrangements
Route: Etosha NP to Windhoek. 600 km
Travel time: 7-8 hrs

NB! We do not recommend that you book your onward travel on this date, as it is possible that we could run late. If you would like us to book you post tour accommodation or an airport transfer please let us know. Please take the time to complete the tour feedback form.



Day 1 Victoria Falls Hostel LD
The day is set aside to experience the many optional activities available in the Victoria Falls area. Evening briefing and preparation for the expedition.
Optional Activities: Rafting, Bungee etc...

Day 2/3 Bulawayo/Matopos NP Camp BLD
Depart early morning for Bulawayo. Afternoon to explore this old British colonial town. Full day excursion to the Matopos National Park.

Day 4 Great Zimbabwe Ruins Camp BLD
Today we travel to Masvingo where we set up camp near the town. The afternoon is spent exploring the famous Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

Day 5 Bandula Camp BLD
We pass through the eastern highlands as we head for the Zimbabwe / Mocambique border. After crossing the border, we make our way to the shores of a lake where we camp near Bandula.

Day 6/7/8 Inhassoro/Vilankulo Camp BLD
Today we travel through many little African villages as we head for the Mocambique coastline. Our destination is Inhassoro and Vilankulo from where we are able to explore the Islands off the coast. The busy local markets make interesting shopping and the purchase of ample seafood ensures us a magnificent feast that night. There is an opportunity to cross by dhow or speedboat to islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago where we relax 'island style', snorkelling or soaking up the sun. Overnight in a traditional setting.
Optional Activities: Bazaruto Excursion.

Day 9/10 Morrungulo Camp BLD
Driving through this sub-tropical paradise we reach Morrungulo to set up camp under the coconut trees, with wide, deserted beaches nearby. The warm waters are inviting, and so too are the options to snorkel or dive in the magnificent coral reefs.
Optional Activities: Snorkeling, Diving etc...

Day 11 Praia do Tofo Camp BLD
Driving south through beautiful coconut plantations, we pass through the Old European settlement of Inhambane haunted by the memories of the old slave trade along the coast. Explore the town before heading to Praia do Tofo where we camp in a spectacular setting.

Day 12 Xai Xai Camp BLD
Our journey further south through this amazing country leads us to Xai Xai. Here we spend our last night in Mocambique camping on yet another amazing beach.

Day 13/14 Kruger NP Camp BLD
Depart early morning for the South African border after which we enter the world famous Kruger National Park. Late afternoon game drive. The following day will be spent game viewing with a chance to see the Big Five, en route to the next campsite.

Day 15 Blyde River Canyon Camp BLD
Early morning departure to enjoy the last game sightings before we leave the Kruger Park. We journey through Mpumalanga, visiting the historic mining town of Pilgrims Rest, on our way to the Blyde River Canyon where we spend our last night camping near “God's Window.”

Day 16 Johannesburg Tour Ends B
After breakfast we head for Johannesburg where the tour terminates either with drop off at the airport or a lodge.




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