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Experience dramatic and rugged scenery, wildlife and ancient cultures within the freedom of wide-open spaces. The Kunene Region is situated in Namibia's remote north-west, bordering Angola to the north and including the inhospitable Skeleton Coast. The Region gets its name from the Kunene River, which forms the border between Namibia and Angola. This region will provide you with experiences that you will never forget. The landscapes, with their spectacular desert mountains, gorges, plains and ephemeral rivers are stunning. These seasonal rivers create a focus for wildlife - particularly desert adapted elephant and rhino. Zebra, giraffe and various species of antelope and even lion also thrive in this region, all co-existing with communities who live here permanently. The Region is home to three main ethnic groups - the Damara, Herero and Himba people, all of whom have a rich cultural heritage.
The Kunene Region, like the Erongo and Caprivi Regions, is experiencing a rapid growth in communal area conservancy formation. In developing conservancies, communities will be given more rights and responsibilities to manage the natural resources with which they co-exist. They will also be able to develop - and benefit from - tourism opportunities.

Community-based tourism enterprises:


  • Kaoko Information Centre & Tour Guides

  • Purros Traditional Village

  • Twyfelfontein Guides


  • Aba-Huab Camp Site

  • Hoada Camp Site

  • Kunene Village Rest Camp

  • Okarohombo Camp Site

  • Purros Camp Site

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