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Dolphin Eco - Tours: Dolphin EnCountours has been facilitating in water dolphin observation programs in Mozambique since 1995 after a South African family discovered the resident dolphins in then quite and remote sea side village of Ponta do Ouro; while taking time out from the hustle and bustle of city life. It was on the 28 December 1994 that the Dolphins of Ponta welcomed Angie Gullan into their watery realm allowing an interaction so close that it transpired into a life long dolphin journey. A beckoning to share the wonder of dolphins with man as well as a profound sense to protect and learn from them has developed unique inter-species relationships, where both species seemingly benefit from the social interactions. Much care is taken when working with this dolphin society as crew regard cetaceans {dolphins and whale} as highly intelligent beings that have emotion and thus experience joy and pain.
A strict code of conduct has been developed over the last decade, resulting in a program that is facilitated by Africa's leaders in wild dolphin behavior; allowing close interactions on the dolphin's terms. Ongoing research in calibration with The Natural History Museum in Maputo and various other institutes ensures that programs are run with high standards, where observations are strictly monitored and daily data is collected.
Accommodation at the Dolphin Beach-Camp (see below) in either wood or reeded casitas (less 15%) on the beach, doubles or twins available as well as reed family units. Accommodation preference is first come first serve. 4/3 dolphin launches, reserved early morning 2 hour sessions. Launching takes place from the protection of Ponta Bay on a 7Mt semi ridged inflatable boat. Please note sea conditions vary and launch time may be re-scheduled for calmer conditions or until dolphins have been sighted in the bay.
Return border transfer in open 4x4 from Kosi Bay Border. Brunches daily - Fruit, muesli, yoghurt, cereals, pastries and a cooked meal, served after launch times.
Three course dinners - One night own account to dine in village. Snorkeling workshop day one, gear hire available. Daily Dolphin Eco-Program Presentations -Including informative and interesting visual presentations by resident researches. Full safety briefing & dolphin etiquette code of conduct, ensuring a calm & safe experience Dolphincare-africa gift pack - A % of tour price goes to DCA for research and conservation in Mozambique. Swim Facilitation + Floatation devises - In water assistance is available for the fearful, weak and elderly with qualified life guards and highly trained dolphin swim facilitators. Unlimited tea and coffee. Pictures by Angie Gullan taken on tours in Ponta. Your photos and video footage will be available to purchase after your tour in the series Dolphin Diaries.

Dolphins Beach Camp & Dolphin Tours Ponta Do Ouro, Maputo Province, Mozambique Dolphins Beach Camp & Dolphin Tours Ponta Do Ouro, Maputo Province, Mozambique Dolphins Beach Camp & Dolphin Tours Ponta Do Ouro Maputo Province, Mozambique Dolphins Beach Camp & Dolphin Tours Ponta Do Ouro Maputo Province, Mozambique

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