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Sandfontein Lodge and Nature Reserves is located over 200,000 acres of arguably the most spectacular scenery the planet has to offer. In an increasingly busy, crowded and noisy world, Sandfontein offers seclusion, scenery, silence and serenity.

Bigger than Singapore, Sandfontein is home to many species of animal and includes 25 kilometers of Orange River frontage, the border between Namibia and South Africa.


Sandfontein offers exceptional outdoor pursuits (led by our dedicated team) for those wanting to see more of Sandfontein’s inspiring natural surroundings. Take a scenic drive, admiring the scenery and learning about the wildlife. Spend a day adrift in your canoe, marvelling at the Orange River’s birdlife and its contrast against the arid landscape. Have dinner around a campfire in a random riverbed, with our team on hand to ensure you don’t lift a finger. Or simply stay in our 10 person luxury lodge and laze around the 20 metre swimming pool, taking in the dramatic landscape, the soothing silence and mesmerising night-time sky.

Sandfontein Nature Game Reserve and Luxury Lodge, Namibia Sandfontein Nature Game Reserve and Luxury Lodge, Namibia Sandfontein Nature Game Reserve and Luxury Lodge, Namibia


Sandfontein’s Accommodation

Sandfontein boasts four luxury chalets and one suite for the ultimate upgrade, and can sleep up to ten guests per night on a fully catered basis.

Sandfontein Nature Game Reserve and Luxury Lodge, Namibia Sandfontein Nature Game Reserve and Luxury Lodge, Namibia Sandfontein Nature Game Reserve and Luxury Lodge, Namibia


Sandfontein lies in the south of Namibia on the Orange River, west of the town of Onseepkans and east of the town of Noordoewer. Namibia is the second least densely populated country in the world.

Sandfontein has its own airfield, and many clients arrive by chartered light aircraft (a commonly used mode of transport to get to and from lodges in Namibia).

Naturally Sandfontein can also be reached by car and lies approximately 4 hours by car from Upington in South Africa, approximately 2 hours by car from Noordoewer in Namibia, and approximately 1 hour by car from Warmbad in Namibia.

Sandfontein Nature Game Reserve and Luxury Lodge, Namibia Sandfontein Nature Game Reserve and Luxury Lodge, Namibia Sandfontein Nature Game Reserve and Luxury Lodge, Namibia


Sandfontein has an excellent airfield which is regularly maintained. The airfield is approximately 5 kilometres west of the lodge. We recommend flying over the lodge upon arrival to alert us to your arrival.

GPS coordinates: S28°43’11" E18°30’38"
Length: 1,100 metres
Elevation: 2,150 feet
Runway Headings: 09/27 (gradient is 3% – slopes UP from east to west and therefore we recommend landing on runway 27). A good windsock is maintained at the threshold of runway 09.


Sandfontein has the privilege of being home to more than 4,000 animals including but not limited to leopard, cheetah, kudu, eland, zebra, giraffe, red hartebeest, springbok, ostrich, jackal, aardvark, caracal and baboon.

While vehicle-based safaris can be undertaken day or night, Sandfontein is very large and therefore the animal density (and frequency of seeing animals) is relatively low.


In the unlikely event that you tire of taking in Sandfontein’s silence and scenery from the comfort of the lodge, we offer pursuits to cater for every taste:

• Scenic drives with game viewing
• Canoeing on the Orange River
• Hiking and nature trails
• Fishing
• Air safaris and flights over the Fish River Canyon (by prior arrangement)
• Historical tours of the battlefields and German graves on Sandfontein. Sandfontein bore witness to numerous battles, including the Battle of Sandfontein on 26th September 1914 which saw 600 South African troops pitched against the occupying German forces in the immediate vicinity of the Sandfontein Lodge. The German forces won the day with 50 enemy dead, 100 injured and some 200 prisoners taken. The battle involved two field cannons and two machine guns and is the only battle during World War One where the South African forces suffered a resounding defeat at the hands of the much smaller German troops.
• Photography. Sandfontein is an earthly ecstasy for photographers – the dramatic landscape, fauna, flora and ever-changing light devours both film and memory.
• Stargazing. Because it is remotely located in the second least densely populated planet on Earth, the night-sky and stargazing at Sandfontein is, quite literally, a staggering experience for those unaccustomed to it. In fact, it is so remarkable that scientific teams have made use of the lodge to observe and measure the universe.
• Daytrips to nearby towns, including Warmbad to visit the Warmbad Museum and natural hot-water springs.
• Geology. For those with a serious interest in geology, Sandfontein offers notable “rock rapture”. Diverse formations and rock types, including beryl, amethyst and tantalite deposits on the property, make Sandfontein something of a geological oddity.
Excursions are always led by a member of our dedicated team.

Rates per person per night all inclusive: on request

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Namibians/RSA citizens Special rates on request

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Reservations are only accepted in writing: by fax or via e-mail.
Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

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