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Karas Region, Namibia

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Neckartal Dam is the largest dam in Namibia. It is located 40 km west of southern town Keetmanshoop in the Karas Region. Neckartal infrastructure is part of the first phase of the Neckartal Irrigation Scheme (NIS) as a guarantee of the area's agricultural development including cultivation of lucerne, grapes, dates and citrus plants. Neckartal is 80 m high and 520 m long and it has a storage volume of 850 million cubic meters of water over a 40 square kilometers area.

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Construction of Neckartal Dam was envisaged as early as during the German colonial period (1885-1915) but careful planning started only after Independence in 1990. Although Naute Dam (also an irrigation dam) is located the same area, for an irrigation scheme of 5,000 hectares, Naute was deemed too small. Construction commenced in 2013 with a total of 5500 jobs created, 65% of these came from Karas Region. The project was opened in 2019 with costs of over N$5,7 billion.

Neckartal Dam is a curved gravity dam on the Fish River near Berseba and it is almost three times the capacity of the Hardap Dam upstream.

Neckartal Dam is the roller compacted concrete (RCC) type dam (built by Salini Impregilo) and is the fundamental Namibian infrastructure project providing water for southern part of Namibia. Neckartal irrigates five thousand hectares of land playing a major role in agricultural security of the country.

When the irrigation of the nearby areas will have reached its peak potential, an additional 4000 jobs will be created (directly and indirectly). The dam, besides contributing to producing food for the region's farming, will also have a positive impact on tourism and the economy in general of Keetmanshoop and nearby areas.

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Neckartal Dam in Karas Region, Keetmanshoop area, Namibia Neckartal Dam in Karas Region, Keetmanshoop area, Namibia Neckartal Dam in Karas Region, Keetmanshoop area, Namibia


Some question whether Neckartal Dam is really necessary believing that the Naute Dam, with an average water level of 70 to 100 per cent over the past five years, is adequate for expanding irrigation schemes in southern Namibia. At present the Naute Dam is under utilised, providing water to Keetmanshoop, nearby farmers and Namibia Development Corporation's (NDC) date and grape plantations only. Full capacity of Naute Dam is 85 million cubic metres.

Neckartal Dam technical data:
Total capacity 880 mil m3
Catchment area 45,365 km2
Surface area 25 km2
Power Station
Turbines 2 x Francis turbines x 1.5 MW each
Installed capacity 3 MW

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Neckartal Dam is worth your visit during your self-drive tour around Namibia.






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