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Q: Herero chief Maherero died in 1890. What is the legend attributing to the cause of his death?
What was the first name of his father, what was the first name of his eldest son and where are they all buried.
A: A camel cast the shadow of its head over his holy fire. The Herero people were superstitious about hornless beasts and Maherero
believed that because of this omen that his days were numbered. To compound this, one of his wives, the mother of Samuel, his oldest son
cooked a hornless goat and served the meat to the chief in order to finish him off and protect the ascendancy of Samuel.
Maherero is believed to have been wise to this conspiracy but ate the meat anyway because he thought he was already doomed. He did in
fact die very soon afterwards but on his deathbed he prophesied that Samuel would die in a distant land on account of his wickedness.
Samuel died in Botswana.
Maherero’s father, (Samuel’s grandfather) was named Tjamuaha and they are all buried in Okahandja.
Q: What was the first European building to be constructed in Windhoek and what year was the foundation stone laid?
Who laid the foundation stone and what was the exact date?

A: The building was the Alte Feste and the foundation stone was laid by Captain Kurt von Francois on the 18th October 1890.
Q: What was the first name of the first of the Afrikaner clan to come to Namibia and what was the first name of his youngest son? Bonus point,
what did Afrikaner senior change his first name to?

A: Afrikaner senior was called Jager Afrikaner but changed his name to Christian. His youngest son was called Jonker.

Q: In 1869, Maherero proposed to start a war against Jan Jonker in Namaland. Why did this effort become known as the “Scorpion Campaign”?
What was Maherero’s motivation for the campaign and what was the outcome?
A: Maherero did not take sufficient supplies with him and ran out of food. It was a time of drought and there was no “bush food” available and
so the troops survived by eating roasted scorpions. Maherero’s motivation for the campaign was to please the spirit of his father, Tjamuaha
and the outcome was that Maherero returned to Barmen before hostilities had a chance to take place.
Q: What is the name of the ephemeral river that flows into the ocean on the southern border of the Skeleton Coast National Park?
A: The Ugab River.

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