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Thumb piano "Bush piano" (Likembe)

: Angola
Tribe: Chokwe
Material: Wood, metal
Height: 26 cm
Price: 230 US$
Additional information: 12-15 years old. Music has always been an important part of African life. In songs and dances some life and historical events were commemorated. It was also source of information and even news. There has been endless variety of songs on almost all occasions: songs for war, for work and for love. The improvisation was and is very common and tradition is ever renewing.
In addition to singing and clapping, the music of Africa employs an enormous variety of instruments from traditional drums to variety of pipes. The mbira alone, a uniquely African finger piano, appears in hundreds of configurations.
Information on Chokwe tribe.
More information and order: art@namibweb.com

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