Made in Namibia: crafts, minerals and souvenirs
@ Ilala Flowers, Arts and Crafts P.O. Box 930 Grootfontein.
@ Namibia Mbangura Woodcraft Cooperative P.O. Box 1723 Rundu.
@ Karakulia P.O. Box 1258 Swakopmund.
@ Pandoras Box
@ Immo Boheke P.O. Box 303 Swakopmund.
@ Engelhard Design P.O. Box 31 Swakopmund.
@ Endurance P.O. Box 643 Swakopmund.
@ L. Dorado P.O. Box 643 Swakopmund.
@ Stonetique P.O. Box 431 Swakopmund.
@ Swakopmund Tannery P.O. Box 92 Swakopmund.
@ Okaporo Souvenirs P.O. Box 575 Swakopmund.
@ The Weaver's Nest P.O. Box 701 Swakopmund.
@ African Kirikara am Woermannturm
@ Cobwebs
@ Okaporo
Walvis Bay
@ Photo Souvenirs
@ Elena Art souvenir shop Masks, woodcarvings, baskets, minerals, game products.
Please also check our shop here.
@ African Curiotique Souvenirs
@ Rocks, Gems & Souvenirs P.O. Box 474 Windhoek.
@ Herrle & Herma Jewellers
@ Jurgen Canto Jewellers P.O. Box 1723 Windhoek.
@ Horst Knop Jewellers P.O. Box 327 Windhoek.
@ Huber Furs P.O. Box 2538 Windhoek.
@ Bushman Art P.O. Box 20165 Windhoek.
@ Omatako Curio P.O. Box 20869 Windhoek.
@ Safariland Holtz P.O. Box 421 Windhoek.
@ Namibia Crafts Centre
@ The National Art Gallery
@ Meyer Jewellers
@ Eharui Souvenirs P.O. Box 21068 Windhoek.

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