Best Prospects for Non-Agricultural Goods and Services

There are opportunities for U.S. exporters and investors in those areas in which products and services are either not available within SACU, or in which the United States has a comparative advantage. Some of the areas where U.S. business can offer high quality products and services are listed below:

Water and energy technology:

ITA Codes: Water Resources Equipment/Services (WRE)

The availability of water is a great concern in this dry, desert climate. The reality of recurring droughts in Namibia creates an urgent need for water facilities. In addition, the government and the private sector are constantly looking for alternative energy sources (e.g. solar energy). Desalinization and pipeline projects would certainly rate as best prospects in Namibia.

Value-added manufacturing:

ITA Codes: Mining Industry Equipment (MIN)
Marine Fisheries Products (MFI)
General Industrial Equipment/Supplies (GIE)

In the manufacturing sector, the country's goal is to increase value-added products (e.g. mineral processing).

Tourism services and products:

ITA Codes: Travel/Tourism services (TRA)

The tourism sector, specifically eco-tourism, holds great promise for U.S. service industries. The opportunity for
companies in the tourism industry is twofold:

As establishments within state-owned national parks are commercialized, there is considerable potential for the
building of accommodation facilities and various tourism services (i.e. restaurants). A demand also exists for hotel
management company services.

Tourist accommodation in certain areas of the country is underdeveloped. Namibia is home to several phenomenal
natural attractions (ranging from the world's oldest desert to spectacular game reserves), in which room exists for quality improvements in tourism services.

Oil and gas exploration:

ITA Codes: Oil/Gas Field Machinery (OGM)
Oil, Gas Production/Exploration Services (OGS).

Namibia still has large unexplored areas with offshore blocks seeming to hold the greatest promise.

Low-cost housing:

ITA Codes: Architecture/Construction/Engineering
Services (ACE) Building Products (BLD)

Affordable low-cost housing is needed in various regions throughout Namibia including low-cost building materials
suitable for sunny, arid climates.


ITA Codes: Telecommunications equipment (TEL)

Namibia has a well structured telecommunications system. However, updated equipment will be needed as Namibia moves forward with its installation of a fiber-optic network.

Best Prospects for Agricultural Products

Namibia's dry climate and generally soil-poor topography does not lend itself to high-yield food production. Recurring droughts exacerbate the problem and increase the need to import foodstuffs. Some of the areas for U.S. investors to consider, are:

Used agricultural equipment: Reliable agricultural equipment will be fundamental to increase production for
subsistence farmers.

Agricultural chemicals: Potential exists in the area of agricultural chemicals for production or for the clearing of
range bush, provided such chemicals are environmentally safe.

Agricultural processing: Investment opportunities are available in leather and tallow products (e.g. glue and
gelatin), meat processing, the processing of pelts and wool from the karakul sheep and millet milling.

Fish processing: There is a need for investment in onshore processing and modernization of existing facilities.

Source: U. S. Department of Commerce - National Trade Data Bank, September 3, 1999

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