Khutse Pan, Mahurushele (Sekushuwe), Khankhe, Molose, Moreswe Pan
Khutse Game Reserve Ghanzi

Accommodation Botswana

Camping sites

Khutse Pan
Mahurushele pan
Molose Pan
Moreswe Pan
Khankhe Pan

They are kept clean and neat at all times. Each campsite can take up to 6 persons with a maximum of 3 vehicles.


A pit latrine
Shower bucket
Borehole water (which is provided at the main entrance gate (can be cold/hot). Visitors are encouraged to bring their own drinking water.

How to get to Khutse Game Reserve (GPS Coordinates)
Mahurushele and khanke campground in the Khutse Game Reserve GPS coordinates:

(1)231658.74S24 2316.70E
(2)231739.01S24 2317.68E
(3)23 1659.32S24 240.68E
(4)23 1739.32S24 244.61E at Mahurushele

(1)231342.50S24 2048.34E
(2)23 1328.54S24 2115.07E
(3)23 1336.15S24 2120.92E
(4)231349.64S24 2054.27E at Khankhe

Measuring: 1.6 square kilometers and Mahurushele and 332 000 square meters at Khankhe. Measuring: 9.88 square kilometers at Molose
and 4.2 square kilometers at Moreswe. At Moloswe and Moreswe Campgrounds in the Khutse Game Reserve GPS Coordinates:

(1)23 2435.78S24 928.69E
(2)23 2234.85S24 1044.08E
(3)23 2320.75S24 1155.70E
(4)23 255.35S24 1014.21E at Moloswe

(1)23 3351.07S 24 525.29E
(2) 23 339.12S 24 626.33E
(3)23 3357.89S 24 717.35E
(4)23 c3432.22S 24 65.95E at Moreswe

Rates per night, camping only: on request. Park/daily/vehicle fees are not included in camping fees.

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Reservations are only accepted in writing: by fax or via e-mail.
Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

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