Frequently Asked Questions about travelling in Namibia (FAQ)

Is it safe to travel alone in Namibia?
Yes, it is. If you rent a car safety tips can be found here. Normal precautions should be taken like anywhere in the world.

Do we need a 4x4 vehicle to drive in Namibia?
In general most of the country can be accessed in a sedan/minibus car. The following area require 4x4 vehicles: Kaokoland, Khaudum Park, parks of Caprivi, last 5 kilometres before Sossusvlei.

Can we camp anywhere in the country?
No, you have to use only designated camping sites.

Can we stay in Etosha Park during the night outside of the camps?
No, you have to stay inside the camps: Okaukuejo, Namutoni or Halali. You are also not allowed to leave your car while driving in the park.

Should we take a prophylaxis against malaria before visiting Namibia?
If  you visit northern and eastern parts of the country during rainy season, yes. Windhoek, central part of the country, south and the coast are generally malaria-free areas.  More information on malaria can be found here.

When does rainy season start?
Normally it starts in late October-November and lasts till March-April.

Are credit cards acceptable in Namibia?
Yes, in many places, but please make sure with a particular accommodation establishment or service provider booked. More information can be found here.

What is the best time to visit Namibia?
If you like to see game the best time is dry season: June-September. It is also cooler season.

Where do we find information on budget camping tours in Namibia?
Information, programs and rates and can be found here.

Where do we find information on Namibia, country, people, articles on places of interest, history, etc.?
Information pages have been grouped together and can be found here.

Information about National parks, resorts, entrance fees & reservations: here.

Information about self-drive tours: here.

Hot air balloons tours: here.

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