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Situated in Northern Botswana, 2578 square kilometer Nxai Pan National Park is mainly forest and savanna woodland and large areas of open grassland. Nxai Pan is located North of the Makgadikgadi Pans and it was once part of the old Makgadikgadi lake bed. The Makgadikgadi lake, an area of 80 000 square km, started drying up almost 10,000 years ago. As the water evaporated, huge salt-encrusted pans were left. In Nxai Pan National Park two of these Pans - Nxai (a fossil lake bed about 15 km wide and covered with short grass), and Kgama-Kgama Pan are located. On the pans are islands of Acacia trees which the animals use for shade during the day.

Nxai Pan was declared a conservation area in 1970 and a national park in 1992. When Nxai Pan was declared a national park it was enlarged to include Baines's Baobabs. Baines's Baobabs is one of the highlights of Nxai Pan National Park. These baobabs were named after the explorer Thomas Baines who painted them on 22 May 1862. In the 146 years since Thomas Baines painted these baobabs there has been virtually no change to these baobabs.


The safest way to drive into this national park is by 4 x 4. The Nxai National Park has two main campsites. The south and north camps are fully developed with toilets, showers, fire pits and water stand pipes.

Nxai South: photo album

The park covers 2500 sq km and was proclaimed in 1970, later extended to its present size including Baines baobab. Nxai National Park is located on the Northern fringe of the Makgadikgadi basin and includes Nxai pan, an ancient lake bed that was once part of ancient Lake Makgadikgadi. Nxai Pan National Park Consists of series of fossils pans acacia tress on islands that form shady spots for the animals to rest during hot weather. South Camp Campsite is situated not far from the second entrance gate in a well shaded area.

Activities: Game drives & Maun transfers.
6 and 9 seater boats are available for hire, advanced reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment.

Facilities: Newly built two ablution, two standpipes and Artificial Waterhole.

During 2014 Nxai Pan South Camp ablution blocks were destructed by elephants searching for water. The ablution blocks were renovated - plumbing, painting renewed and electric fence installed around the ablution blocks as a way of curbing the situation.

Camping Grounds: 10 sites.

Baines Baobab: photo album

(Wilderness Site and Baobabs are National Monuments)

They were named after the famous painter and explorer Thomas Baines in 1862.These group of Baobabs are known as the sleeping sisters. Baines Baobab overlooks Kaudia Camp Pan on the South side of the Nxai South camp. Although the pans at Baines Baobab are dry for most of the year, the area is transformed into a massive sheet of water during rainy season and the abundance water beds creating spectacles of great beauty. It can be reached by Nxai Pan Turn off.

Activities: game drives & Maun transfers.

Facilities: Shower & Pit latrine no water. What you bring, you take out.

Camping Grounds: 3 sites.

Camp sites

South Camp S19.93641 E24.77623
Hatab Camp S19.92658 E24.82213
Hatab Camp - North Camp S19.87843 E24.78936
Nxai Pan Game Scout Camp S19.93469 E24.76284


Nxai Pan S19.90620 E24.76516
Nxai Pan #1 S19.88028 E24.75409
Nxai Pan #2 S19.92130 E24.72696
Nxai Pan #3 S19.93141 E24.74158
Nxai Pan #4 S19.93813 E24.78430
Nxai Pan #5 S19.84062 E24.93622
Nxai Pan #6 S19.84056 E24.93615
Nxai Pan #7 S19.91512 E24.76559

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All park entry fees per person/vehicle Payable on arrival

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