Capella Observatory Amani Lodge
22o43'58" South,  16o58'55" East

Amani Lodge

Capella Observatory is privately owned astronomical facility which is located about 20km southwest of Windhoek (Namibia) at theView from Capella Observatory Amani Lodge Namibia Kupferberg (Copperhill), about 2100m above sea level. The observatory is hosted at the Amani-Lodge, a beautiful place (the highest inhabited location in Namibia!) which offers the suitable surroundings for relaxation and "adventure" after an astronomer's night shift. Where else do you have the chance to visit cheetah right after breakfast? Alain - one of the few Frenchmen in Namibia - is an extraordinary host and it is always worth to visit Amani Lodge when you are close to the area.

The Observatory Building
The observatory is a solid building, which consists of two rooms: the control room and the observation room. The roof of the Observation room can be shifted away on iron wheels. When the roof is open, the control room still remains closed so that no unnecessary turbulent air (from the observers and the PCs) affects the seeing. A room size of about 15m squire for the squire observation room and 8m for the control room are not overwhelming but o.k. for a comfortable work.
A 1m cube of concrete serves as a base for the telescope. This cube is placed in the base plate of the observation room and is decoupled mechanically from it, so that no vibrations of the building are transferred to the telescope.

Stargazing note: Star gazing is only done in the winter months and it is only exclusively for the guests staying overnight.

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