Where to shop in Namibia

Before you think where to shop you have to decide what to buy (c).


Souvenirs and craft

The most popular items are obviously local souvenirs. There are several street souvenir markets in Windhoek and Okahandja (cheaper, especially on weekends) where you can find a good variety of Namibian woodcarvings, stone carvings from Zimbabwe and baskets from Zambia. Always try to bargain and never pay a first price asked. Another very interesting place to buy Namibian (mostly) crafts is Graft Centre located in old brewery building (you have to walk down Sam Nujoma Drive from Woermann Brock supermarket on Independence Avenue and turn left).
If you are looking for genuine (and more expensive) African art from Central and Southern Africa you can try several souvenir shops on Independence Avenue (opposite of the main post office). Bushman Art, Omatako Curios (Levinson Arcade), African Curios (next to Air Namibia office under Kalahari Sands hotel) offer an extensive collections of wood and stone art. These shops are also selling minerals, traditional clothing, paintings and some jewellery. Shops are open from 8-9.00 to 17-18.00 Mondays to Fridays.


Several shops on Independence Avenue offer local jewellery items. Please take a look at our Directory under MADE IN NAMIBIA.
PLEASE NOTE: your can receive an amount of tax off your purchase when flying back from Namibia. Please inquire in the shop where you purchased a product.
Clothing and leather. Nakara Factory in the Northern Industrial area sells variety of animal skins and fashion items (leather clothing, bags, wallets). Holz Safari shop under Kalahari Sands hotel is offering any kind of safari clothing and gear: knifes, hiking shoes, hats and bags.

Food and drinks

If you are going to buy a foodstuffs you can find everything you need for your trip in Woermann Brock - local Namibian supermarket (Independence Avenue opposite of Municipality), Checkers (under Kalahari Sands Hotel), Shoprite (a bit cheaper, Independence Avenue opposite of Namibia Tourism office). Namibian supermarkets do not sell alcohol so you can purchase it in bottle stores only. One we can recommend is Discount Liqueur Store on Krupp Strasse but you also can find some shops in the city centre. Please note that bottle stores are open 9.00-17.00 Mondays to Fridays and Saturdays only up to 13.00. Sunday is a sober day in Namibia!

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