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Botswana is a country of contrast with her lush Okavango Delta, huge expanse of Kalahari and abundance of wildlife. It has a heartbeat that can be found nowhere else in Africa. The preservation of nature is evident. Conserved by a nation of peace-loving people, whose appreciation for their heritage is clearly present in the welcome, you receive.

Kgori Safaris offers you a wilderness exclusive for the use by clients only. There are no human settlements, habitation or fences in this 350 000 hectares (855 000 acre) concession area, except for Kgori's hunting and photographic camps. In 1999 the first 500km (315 miles) of hunting tracks were made to give access to this area and prior to that the human impact on this area was non-existent This exclusive concession area is leased long-term from the Botswana Government.Kgori Safaris Ngamiland, Botswana

Accommodation: Camp Kwatale, the main camp, has four spacious meru tents, each with an en suite bathroom consisting of a shower, toilet and hand basin. Each tent has two luxury wooden beds with wardrobes and bedside cupboards, a table and two chairs. Tents are supplied with 12-volt solar power electricity. 230 volt DC power is available for the recharging of batteries in the dining area. The sitting cum dining and bar area is under thatch and canvas. The bar is well stocked with a refrigerator and ice. A satellite phone is available at an extra cost.

The Fly camp is more basic, but also comfortable. It is more in the old African safari style, with storm lanterns for lighting. Toilets are of the chemical type. There are strong iron bedsteads, with luxury mattresses identical to those in the main camp.
Hosts supply three meals per day. Packed lunches are taken on the hunt to be enjoyed in the bush if group is too for away from camp during a hunt. Special dietary needs are catered for, but please let operator know of your special requirements well before you arrive at the camp. Hosts stock local South African beer and wines, soft drinks and most basic spirits. Again, let hosts know in advance of your special preferences.

Hunting Season

Kwatale NG 43 concession are: April September
Plains game Central Kalahari: All year round


Temperatures can vary a great deal. The rainy season begins in late November and lasts until end of March. Rainfall can vary between 225 mm in the south and 700 mm in the Northern regions. From April to October days are sunny and warm with evening temperatures dropping sharply. From October to April daytime temperatures can rise to over 40 C/104F and usually drop to 25 C/77F after sunset.Kgori Safaris Ngamiland, Botswana

C.I.T.E.S. / Trophy import permits

It is the clients responsibility to arrange trophy Import permits for the country of Trophy destination before trophies can be shipped from Botswana.
At present requirements are

U.S.A. and Europe normal trophy import permit required.

U.S.A. permits are required from U.S.A. Fish and Game Authorities. Europe permits are required from European Fish and Game Authorities.
Insurance and medical matters

Hunters must arrange their own medical, evacuation, travel and accident insurance, as we accept no liability for personal injuries and\or damage to equipment. Both camps and all vehicles are equipped with very good first aid kids. It is however recommended that you bring any medication of a personal nature with you. There is a well stocked Pharmacy in Maun. Malaria prophylaxis is recommended. It is good practice to ensure that you have been vaccinated against tetanus, polio and Hepatitis A and B. It is also advisable for you to be in reasonably fit physical condition.


* FIREARM HIRE if arranged well in advance: price on request
* AMMUNITION if supplied by Kgori Safaris: price on request

Common calibre: limited availability.

Government Limits

* Minimum of .375 H&H or equivalent for dangerous game.Kgori Safaris Ngamiland, Botswana
* No full automatics or .22 calibres.
* Maximum of 100 rounds of each calibre may be imported.
* (Government will charge 10% VAT on all imported ammunition at port of entry)
* Full name, date of birth, profession, passport number, passport expiry date, calibre, make of firearm, serial number and quantity of ammunition to be imported must be furnished well in advance to allow Kgori Safaris to arrange temporary Import\Export permits to be issued for each firearm.

Kgori Safaris Ngamiland, Botswana Kgori Safaris Ngamiland, Botswana

Rates: on request

Type of hunt Minimum days Daily rate inclusive of VAT
Big 4 (Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion) 28 -
Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard 24 -
Elephant 14 -
Elephant, Buffalo 21 -
Elephant, Lion 24 -
Elephant, Leopard 21 -
Lion 21 -
Lion, Buffalo 21 -
Lion, Elephant, Buffalo 26 -
Lion, Elephant, Leopard 26 -
Lion, Leopard 21 -
Leopard 21 -
Leopard, Buffalo 16 -
Leopard, plains game 12 -
Buffalo 7 -
Buffalo, plains game 10 -
Plains game 5 -
Bird hunting 3 -
Observer - -

Contact & reservations:
E-mail: info@namibweb.com

Reservations are only accepted in writing: by fax or via e-mail.
Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

Terms & conditions, Payment options and Cancellation policy

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