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Long term rentals

Renting a car is expensive in Namibia, isn't it?

If you think so we are going to offer our new service to you.
Not a free one though but to our mutual advantage.

If you are going to spend a long holidays in Namibia, you can buy a car here before your arrival with our help, drive it and sell it again.
Whatever you spend will be less than rental fees if you like to rent a car for a long time.

How it works:

You send us a message specifying a model you like to buy.
We send you a list of options we have.
You make your choice.
After receiving a full amount on our account we buy your car.
After you holidays we sell your car and deposit money into your account.

Payment with all major credit cards can be arranged.

Advantages for you:

No rental fees

No insurance fees

No hassles with sandblasts, glass damages, tyre damages: this is your car!

No restricted areas.

You do not have to sell you car yourself - we will do it for you.

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Car rental
Special vehicles

We have a contacts with local auto dealers and can negotiate a price of the proposed vehicle.

Do not have time to sell you car? Have to fly back?

We are here and going to sell it for you.

You will get a bank transfer with a selling price of your car less our small commission.

Sample calculations:
If you rent a simple sedan for a month you will pay an average of 300 N$ per day = 9 000 N$
Our service will allow you up to save 50% of your money*.

VW Safari Microbus for hire
Maui motorhomes

 * Amount depends on the model, duration of the trip and personal circumstances.




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