Immigration control

Port of entry

No person shall enter Namibia through any place other than a port of entry, unless permission has been granted him or her by Namibian Immigration Authorities. A person seeking to enter Namibia shall before entering Namibia present himself or herself to an Immigration officer at a port of entry. An immigration offer shall, if he or she is satisfied that a person seeking to enter Namibia complies with laws of the Immigration Act 1993 and is nit a prohibited immigrant, permits persons to enter by endorsing the passport or travelling document carried by such person.

Persons failing to comply shall not be permitted to enter Namibia by the Immigration officer.

Provisional permits can however be granted at the discretion of the Immigration officer. Such Provisional Permits shall not exceed 2 months.

Entry requirements

Any persons seeking to enter Namibia must produce a valid passport of country of origin. No persons other than Namibian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Namibia shall travel throughout Namibia, unless such person is in possession of a TRANSIT VISA issued for such purposes. The Minister of Home Affairs may authorise the issuance of a TRANSIT VISA to any person as he may wish.

Special permits

Persons may apply for Permanent Residence Permits through the Chief of Immigration, and such residence permit shall only be granted if the person satisfies the Immigration Selection Board on all matters prescribed in the Immigration Act 1993.

Persons wishing to work in Namibia can only do so with an Employment Permit issued by the Chief of Immigration.

The  Chief of Immigration may, on application of any person who has complied with all the relevant requirements of the Immigration Act 1993, issue such persons with Student's Permit.

Immigration officer

When a person who enters or has entered or is found within Namibia, on reasonable grounds is suspected of being a prohibited immigrant in terms of any provision of this Act, an Immigration Officer may-

* if such person is not in custody, arrest such person or cause him or her to be arrested without a warrant; and
* pending the investigation to be made in terms of Section 42 subsection (4) by such immigration officer, detain such person pr cause him or her to be detained in the manner and at a place determined by the Minister, for a period not exceeding 14 days.

An Immigration officer may board ships and (prohibit or) regulate traffic between ships and shore.

Immigration Control Act, 1993, (Act 7 of 1993)

To regulate and control the entry of persons into, and their residence in, Namibia; to provide for the removal from Namibia of certain immigrants; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.


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