Geological tours around the country

Namibia is the country of mineral wealth and geological phenomena.
One of special kinds of tours that can be booked through us*.

On these tours you will visit world famous geological phenomena and sites such as Petrified Forest, Burnt Mountain, Organ Pipes, the highest Namibia's mountain - Brandberg, rock engravings at Twyfelfontein, red sand dunes of Sossusvlei. You will collect amethyst and tourmaline in the Brandberg area and meionite, sphene and vesuvianite around small town Uis famous for its tin mine.
The area around Spitzkoppe mountain offers a variety of minerals: aquamarine, quartz, tantalite, topaz, wolframite and many other. The mountain itself is unique granite rock, raising 1750 meters above sea level and nicknamed "Mother thorn of Africa".
Further north calcsilicates, gahnites and phosphates can be found around Waterberg Plateau park. Visiting Tsumeb with its copper mine collect your willemite, descloizite, and dioptase samples.
You will visit Hoba Meteorite near northern town Grootfontein - the largest in the world mostly consisting of iron and nickel.
On your way to the coast you can find fluorite, rose quartz and aquamarine in and around Rossing mountains.
These tours can be booked as a camping or lodging tours. We can offer you our assistance with all necessary export permits.
The normal size of the group is four participants but bigger groups will be accommodated on request.
* Information provided by operator

capecross.JPG (9076 bytes)

The replica of Portuguese stone cross (padrao) at Cape Cross north of Swakopmund. The original cross is on display in the Museum of Transport and Technic in Berlin, Germany

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