Crooks, scams & cheats

1. Streamside Tour & Travel
di Tiziano Impollonia Rizzotto
Largo Garibaldi 18 - 25030 Coccaglio
Tel. 030-7241796

Did not pay 1650 N$ for the tour in Namibia & disappeared.

2. Burkhard Schmager

Did not pay for accommodation at Mokuti Lodge & disappeared.

3. HostFoundation
Hosting company

Do not believe in their money back policy, you will never get it back. But they closed down finally anyway.

4. HotTeleLink
Telephone via Internet

Another crooks that went bankrupt with customers' money.

5. Wolfgang Frey

Best of them all - stayed free of charge at Palmwag Lodge at our expense.

6. Herman Peeters

Stole money owed for accommodation by requesting credit card chargeback.
Successfully sued in Belgium, paid all money back plus interest and legal expenses. Case closed.

Never give your credit card details to them or deal with them, your money will be stolen.

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