Churches in Windhoek

Church Address Contact telephone number (s)
Church of Jesus Christ Cnr Blenkinskop / Schoeman Str. 243279
Church of Nazareth 38 Kuiseb Str. 232895
Lutheran Church 6 Church Str. 224531
Roman Catholic Church Stubel Str. 228376
Effesiers Fellowship Potgieter Str. 261197
Church of Jesus 713 Bowker Str. 231396
Family Fellowship King Fisher Str. 224447
Christengemeinschaft 3 Uhland Str. 220032
Church of God 451 Kornalyn Str. 211639
St. Auguistine Church Penning Str. 218765
Episcopal Anemone Str. 215428
Seventh Day Adventist 5 Everest Str. 228140
Anglican Church Church Str. 238920
De Lutheran Church 12 Peter Muller 224294
Methodist Church Luderitz Str. 228921
Coptic Orthodox 17 Bach Str. 222484
Agape Fellowship Mission Road 231131
Gospel Outreach Centre 1 Mahler Str. 235823
Islamic Centre - 229672
Council of Churches - 218031
Hebrew Association Cnr Mandume / Post Street Mall 226491


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  Luderitz           Christuskirche in Windhoek (1907-10)         Swakopmund

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