Black list of Namibian service providers and petty criminals

We decided to publish this long anticipated page of complaints about Namibian service providers who left their customers dissatisfied, offended or do not honour their obligations. Our purpose is to allow every person to share their ideas and experiences with local businesses and to exercise their right to be heard as the most valued asset for any business: ''The Customer''. Our page is dedicated to all types of bad businesses in our country, not in tourism only.
Not necessarily that your experience has been bad. For the list of positive opinions and gratitude please click here.
Disclaimer: we publish all information received without any verification made and bear no responsibility for the contents of this page.

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Elena Travel

Wolfgang Frey, criminal

Applied for chargeback and received full amount paid for hotel in Namibia - stayed free of charge. Cheater and criminal.
Elena Travel DHL Parcel sent to our clients vanished without a trace. No reply from DHL offices. Tracing with bill number on their web site without any success. If you have not insured your parcel it can be easily lost forever.
Veronique Sainte-Luce Guest House Haus OL-GA After a weekend spent in Windhoek from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 July 2004, I have the regret to inform you that the Guest House Haus OL-GA does not deserve to be anymore mentioned in the Lonely Planet Guides : Southern Africa and Namibia and websites about tourism in Namibia. As per emails attached below, I booked a single room in that guesthouse and had a very bad experience:

1/ The German Lady managing the place had a constant rude and discriminative attitude towards black clients. This can be also confirm by
2 other Italian customers who stayed with me in this place. On the first day (Friday 16 July 04), she tried to charge me N$ 200 instead
of N$ 190 as agreed by email. She finally agreed on the stated price but said she does it only for these" poor Namibians who come to beg her for discount". For information I am French National but of black colour. Immediately after, she refused to receive calls for me on the following number : 235853 (given by your guide). She was saying to people who called me that I was not there, asking them many useless and unnecessary questions. She asked me to tell my friends to contact me on the public telephone located in her garden. Of course, nobody would pick-up the phone in the garden and knock my door. No other customer was requested to get contacted via the public telephone.

On Saturday morning, at breakfast she reluctantly provided me one more slice of bread, explaining loud voice to all customers at the table that she was giving the smallest slice since" I will not be able to appreciate her very special German bread". Two young Namibian clients took their breakfast at the same time, she was very rude to them, asking them to take their breakfast in 15 minutes since other customers are coming to eat too. Nobody else came to have breakfast (we remained 5 clients around a table for 6), however these 2 Namibian fellows just hurried up and left the table. They were provided one slice of toast each, when all other customers were at least given 2 slices of toast each.
On Sunday morning, we even had an argument because I dared ask her for a receipt/bill as proof of my payment. She also decided to refuse to give me breakfast at 8.30 as agreed the day before, because she did not want me to sit down at the breakfast table with 4 other German clients, when the table accommodates up to 6 people. I had to take my breakfast later, but in the garden where the temperature was cold at this early time of the day. She commented my request for 2 more toasts as trying to prepare a sandwich for lunch time, when I was only trying to have a decent breakfast (4 toasts are not such exceptional, when I am not even eating eggs). And to end my stay in such lovely place she even accused me of talking about her with the 2 Italian customers when we only discussed South African wines.
For all the reasons stated above it is important that tourism information be amended. Such discriminative attitude cannot be supported by a reputable edition like yours. OL-GA Guest House surely provides acceptable services but only to the favourite German customers.
Actually, I would be very grateful if an investigation could be processed and that the guesthouse be sanctioned for such rude and discriminative behaviours towards Black customers.
2/ Haus OL-GA services were below standard since the room of the 2 Italian customers and mine were not cleaned by the guesthouse staff during our 2-3 days stay. Towels were not provided on a daily basis, trash bins were not cleaned, room floors not even swept, if a glass was used to drink, the next day the dirty glass was remaining as such in the room.
Many thanks for your attention. Do not hesitate to contact me for further details. If necessary I can provide you the contact details of these 2 other Italian customers who can confirm the misbehaviour experienced in Guest House Haus OL-GA.
Veronique Sainte-Luce
Programme Officer
WFP Lesotho
Tel +266 6200 0054 Namibia Ngepi Camp Warning

N. Stark Desert Express We were scheduled to travel on the Desert Express in July/ 2011. Although this had been planned for several months the Desert Express abruptly cancelled the trip because there was a group cancellation. It was stated that the train would not make any money if it followed thru with the scheduled trip. The cancellation policy on their website states that an " attempt will be made to find an adequate alternative". An e-mail directly to the Desert Express went unanswered. That's not much of an "attempt". Our travel agent got not response either. Do not use this company! Very unprofessional !
N. Stark
(Mrs.) S. Heimstädt Big 5 Central and Horizon`s Hotels (2012 update: hotel has been closed down) The manager of Big 5 Central and Horizon`s Hotels
To whom it concerns,
I am an instructor for First Aid Courses from the "Johanniter Hilfswerk of Namibia". We give first aid courses all over Namibia and have to stay in various establishments when doing so and were always happy up to now.
From 25 to 27.09.08 we gave such a course for employers of RCC in Gobabis in the Horizon`s Hotel. We unfortunately also stayed there. Never before did we experience such a unplesant place.

The rooms : 1. Carpets where dirty (with big stains on)
2. 1 Toiletseat was broken
3. Curtains where so dusty, you could not open/close them
4. Bathroom mat was filthy
5, The paint comes off the walls
6. Bathroom tiles are worn and dirty
7. The duvet did not have a cover and every guest sleeps under the same unwashed duvet
8. No regulary inbetween cleaning of rooms.

The dining room: 1.Tablecloths filthy and hanging around like lappies.
2.For breakfast no set tables... every guest runs around the room looking for his own cutlery, being steakknives
and forks still lying around on some tables from the previous night.
3.There is juice available but no glasses, cause the barman is gone with the keys...please note every morning.
4.Two pairs of salt and pepper for the whole restaurant.
5 Waiters seem to have no training and are without uniforms
6. Cold coffee and no cereals available for breakfast
7. The meals... very much to get used to.(dry and overcooked)
8.Floors very dirty and sticky
9. The sugar pot, being a big glass, sticky and dirty.

The conference facility: 1.Floor very dusty
2. Tablecloths with holes
3. The room had a very strong catpee smell ( The hotel is full of cats)
4. Cold water is supplied, but only 8 glasses for 22 people. (No more available)

This list could still be much longer.

There is a public bar with the hotel and at night the visitors all walk through the conference room and the hotel for a shortcut... with our equipment, as you could imagine, very exspensive, lying there unprotected.

The swimmingpool is in a very unhygenic state and a potential breeding place for mosqitos and diseases.

This hotel is a negative image for Namibian Tourism and japodises the high standards set by the NTB.
Not all establishments must be upmarket, but everbody asking money from people to stay at their establishment should have a clean and tidy place with qualified personel.
(Mrs.) S.Heimstädt (Tel 062-682023)
and also in the name of my colleque Mrs. U. Vorster Ameib Ranch Warning “Absolutely terrible”: again Haus OL-GA Terra Africa Guest House Windhoek "Simply awful": Waterberg Wilderness
C Nhau DHL Dhl has the worst service ever! I spent the whole day trying to get a parcel from them. Apparently after paying vat at their reception the customer is supposed to fax their agent at the back the proof of payment. After all that trouble i was sent to Eros. Only to be told i needed to wait for an hour before I could get my parcel. When I got back i found them closed at 1650. I am so disappointed. I drove from.out of windhoek to get my parcel. I am disappointed.
Furious Nedbank/American Express We have recently lost more than 10 000 Rand in chargeback due to Nedbank's speed point not recognising fake AmEx credit card number. Transaction went through, proper confirmation received, chargeback arrived three weeks later. That means Nedbank speed points are useless and there is no way to ascertain correctness of credit card data.
Merchants beware! Nedbank offers you absolute zero protection and assistance and you pay monthly fees for nothing!
Linda Rene: lone hysterical Windhoek handyman Read about lone handyman Rene and beware:
ETS Ineke Sinclair from South Africa Ineke Sinclair warning:
Virginia Pohamba FNB FnB needs to make a reality check when it comes to the "99 Questions" that they ask customers who call requesting for service.
I called the E-Wallet service today so I could revert the money that I have ewallet to a wrong number.
I had very little credit so I requested the lady if she could call me back so she could ask me their "99 so called security Questions".
The lady refused and confirmed that she wont revert the money, I should call so that she could ask me the security questions then only revert then money, mind you at a charge of N$25. While I tried to reason with her (about calling me back) she drops the phone right in my ear. I just don't understand what my postal address, residential address etc etc, have to do with security of my account, in a case where I just want a wrong ewallet to be rectified. Their system is still being hacked and people are stealing money from others accounts.
Perhaps they should even consider changing their slogan to "How can we frustrate you?"

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