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SunWa Lodge is the ultimate Conference and Team Building venue in Parys, Free State, South Africa. Situated on the banks of the Vaal River, 10 km’s outside Parys and 120 km’s south of the of Johannesburg. SunWa has gone to great lengths to utilize the beautiful environment of the Vaal River and to create a venue where tranquility and hospitality are paramount. The main camp has been laid out in a horseshoe configuration, overlooking the majestic Vaal River, and incorporates the larger of  lodge 2 main conference rooms. Team Building activities are an important part of the SunWa experience. Qualified SunWa facilitators focus on elements of teamwork and interpersonal dynamics. Trust, support, bonding and communication are the key ingredients of lodge successful team building operation. Team Building exercises are designed to cater for the specific requirements of each client and the individual objectives of these clients. SunWa also offers fun activities designed for informal team building for non-corporate groups (based on a minimum of 10 pax).
SunWa is able to offer a choice of the following exciting team building activities:
* Specialised Team Building programs
* River Rafting (half day or full day)
* Paintball (Combat games)
* Xumbugs (go-carts) / Quad-biking
* Survivor course
* Mini Olympics
* Ski Slope
* Climbing Wall
* Amazing Race

CONFERENCING FACILITIES SunWa has 4 conference rooms:
Hippo Conference Room:- An air-conditioned log and glass encased conference centre, built on stilts at the river’s edge.
Fish Eagle Conference Room:- An air-conditioned thatched roof conference facility with glass and wooden panels overlooking the river.
Warthog Conference Room:- A private air-conditioned conference facility with its own distinctive atmosphere.
Wise Owl Conference Room:- An intimate conference facility, ideal for small groups that links delegates with the environment. It can be utilized as an open-air discussion, conference or breakaway room.

Conference room set up


Room size







10 x 10m






Fish Eagle

15 x 6 m







9 x 3m






Wise Owl

5 x 5m






Equipment included in the package:-
2 Flipcharts and Markers
Note Pads and Pens
White Screen
Extension Cords and Multi plugs
TV and Video Machine
Overhead Projector
Equipment not included in the package:-
Data Projector @ R550.00 per day
PA system

SunWa can accommodate a total of 123 delegates

Double Storey Cabins:- There are a total of 26 cabins
26 Singles OR 54 Sharing delegates
Twenty Six (26) charming, hand crafted executive, en-suite log cabins, nestled amongst the trees, all of these have private decks of which some overlook the river and others create a sociable atmosphere as they overlook each other.
Thorntree Cottage:- There are a total of 11 rooms
11 Singles OR 21 Sharing delegates
The quaint, thatched-roof cottage is ideal for smaller private gatherings. This guesthouse can accommodate 21 people and offers a homely lounge, nine (9) double and two (2) single bedrooms, five bathrooms each with toilet and shower facilities.
Single Storey Cabins:- There are a total of 18 cabins
18 Singles OR 38 Sharing delegates
Situated in the bush are sixteen (16) twin bedded and two (2) three bed en suite log cabins. Situated in close proximity to each other.
Quarter Deck “Executive Suites” The Quarter Deck is located away from the main camp for your senior management –should they require privacy!
5 Singles OR 10 Sharing delegates
There are five (5) private en-suite rooms (2 with bath’s and 3 with showers) A small lounge with mini bar stocked to your clients requirements.

FUNCTION AREAS All conference rooms can be used as function areas, if they are not being utilized as conference rooms.
Main Camp:- A spacious dining and entertainment area, incorporating a stage and sundeck, which can accommodate up to 250 delegates.
Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are held in this thatched dining area overlooking the Vaal River.

Bar with bar games
Board games
24 Hour tea and coffee station with Rusks
Big Screen TV
Pool table
Dart Board
Swimming Pool
Volley ball court
Curio shop
Bushman’s Bar:- A private dining and evening entertainment area, complete with it’s own bar and boma campfire area. Perfect for a group of about 20pax.

ACTIVITIES: Please note that there are minimum delegate requirements for each activity. If a group consists of less than the minimum requirement, the rate will be charged as per the minimum amount of delegates, as stated under each activity below
AMAZING RACE (Duration 3 hours): The amazing race consists of various tasks which need to be completed by each team, individually, in order to progress onto the next task. The first team to complete all the tasks is the winning team. This activity is valuable in encouraging careful planning, observation & effective strategizing. It also enhances team dynamics, with particular emphasis on clear communication, the importance of making best use of all team members & the ability to remain focused on an overall goal. The competitive aspect of the Amazing Race tends to highlight team members with leadership abilities & the ability to think clearly under pressure.
Following is a sample a few of the activities used in the Amazing Race:-
• Locate clue boxes by deciphering cryptic clues.
• Sandpit; dig for clues
• Cat burglar; bypass the laser alarm system to get to the safe containing the next clue.
• Climbing wall; clue at the top.
• Black Forest; find clues hidden in the forest.
• Construct a ladder & use it to reach a clue.
• Drive for clues at the bottom of a swimming pool. (Summer only) Fishing expedition for clues. (Winter only)
• Minimum – 20pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 100pax

SKI SLOPE: 30m high ski slope offers the opportunity for unique team building activities which can only be experienced at Sunwa River Lodge. Following is a sample of some of the ski slope activities:-
• Endurance Slide: competing teams race against each other, with the objective of having the most team members slide down the slope in 30 minutes.
• Free style: Each team gets a chance to use creative thinking and perform individually on a freestyle basis, while sliding down the slope. The most successful team will be the one who offers the most spectator value.
• Slope Scaling: 2 members from each team will climb up the slope using a single pair of skis.
• Raft the Slope: Each group is divided into teams. Teams have to inflate a Gemini raft, maneuver it up the ski slope & slide back down the slope in the raft.

SURVIVOR ADVENTURE (Duration 3 Hours): The objective of this exercise is to foster true team spirit within the groups. Teams will not succeed in their tasks unless they learn to motivate & assist weaker team members. This activity will offer practical training in identifying & utilizing the strengths of individual team members. In this activity the group is split into 2 teams, who must decide on & design their own team name, flag, t-shirt & bandana. They will then be required to complete the following team building exercises:-
Blind man’s Puzzle: The team will be guided by their blind-folded The team leader stands on a podium and “verbally instructs” the blindfolded team members to collect the puzzle pieces. Once all the puzzle pieces have been collected the team must then remove the blindfolds and reconstruct the puzzle.
Net Bridge: The team needs to cross a net bridge at the same time. Once across the team must gather underneath the bridge. A water bucket must then be passed over the net, hand to hand – no throwing!
Wheel of Fortune: A combination of pictionary and blind folded object recognition.
Backward Slalom Maze: The team leader directs the team skiing backwards, through a slalom maze.
Jail: The teams find themselves in a jungle jail. Inside the jail they will find sticks and rope to make a rescue pole. The rescue pole must be manipulated to secure and return the key’s that would open the jail door.
Water Challenge: The team must carry a bucket of water, blindfolded over obstacles to a certain point without messing any water.
Chinese Puzzle: The puzzle consists of 3 poles and 5 rings. The 5 rings need to be moved from one pole to any of the other poles, within certain restrictions.
Float the ball: The team is required to apply ingenuity to devise a plan to retrieve a ball.


All adventure activities are performed under professional SunWa supervision and the safety standards are extremely high. This activity encourages trust, communication and planning. Specially designed inflatable rafts renowned for their safety, comfort and stability are used. Protective headgear and life jackets are worn at all times and alcohol consumption is not allowed on the river. SunWa River rafting can be incorporated with team building activities such as castle building, boat swapping and body surfing

Half Day - River Rafting (7 km – Duration 2,5 Hours)
Starts at Paradise Island and ends at SunWa River Lodge
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 120pax

Full Day - River Rafting (14 Km – Duration +-5 Hours)
Starts in Parys town and ends at SunWa River Lodge, stopping for lunch at Paradise Island.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 120pax

Paint Ball - Target Shooting
(Duration 2 Hours)
2 Teams are placed on to the field at the same time. The aim of the game is to protect your flag at your base, while trying to get your opponents flag. Each player is given a certain amount of paintballs to enter the field with, once your paintballs are finished you are out of the game.
• Minimum - 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum - 20pax

Paintball - Rescue Mission
(Duration 2 Hours)
2 Teams are placed on to the field at the same time. The aim of the game is to rescue the president that has been abducted by the enemy forces. Each player is given a certain amount of paintballs to enter the field with, once your paintballs are finished you are out of the game.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum - 20pax
Low Ropes
(Duration 1 Hour)
There are obstacles which the team has to cross without touching the ground. One of the obstacles will be a swinging bridge.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 40pax
Trust Walk
(Duration 1 Hour)
A cable is mounted over a stream in a V-shape. Two members of the team have to cross this cable at the same time. One team member on each leg of the V-shape is holding hands. With trust in each other the cable must be crossed without falling into the water.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 20pax

Treasure Hunt at Paradise
(Duration 3 Hours)
The treasure hunt commences with an orientation, here the delegates will be taught how to use a compass to find their way around. Establishment will give them coordinates and they must use the compass to get to this point.

Once they have found the correct point according to the coordinates given by you, the group will then do a “photo” navigation. Here they will use photos given to them to identify certain areas and treasures (the treasures are natural, for example a naturally painted rock, a big bird nest or an unusual tree).

By using the photo navigation, the group will arrive at a spot where establishment  will show them how to do “gold panning” as if they where real pilgrims, they will shuffle around in the water with the pans looking for diamonds and gold. After the gold panning establishment will continue to the end point by using the photo navigation again.

At the end point (Paradise Island) a delicious lunch will be served. Another great way to end this activity is by River Rafting back to SunWa’s camp.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – N/A

Climbing Wall & Abseiling
(Duration 2 Hours)
Utilizing the ski slope to do the abseiling, establishment descend from a height of 14meters using a safety harnesses and ropes while enjoying the view. A fantastic sense of achievement is reached once you have completed this.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – N/A

High Ropes
(Duration 6 Hours - Not included in package - price on request)
Walk up a 40’ pole, switch from the pole to a cable, using your body weight and a horizontal stabilizing line, cross the cable form one tree to the other. Climb the tree to reach the next cable, which is crossed by using a vertical stabilizing line. Once the last cable is crossed put your trust in your team mates and just let go while they lower you down to the ground safely.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 40pax
Ski Slope & Snow
(Duration 2Hours)
A variety of fantastic activities on the ski slope. Snow available, if budget allows! Gluwein, Hot Chocolate, Sherry and lots more.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – N/A
Champagne Breakfast/Sundowners on the Mountain
(Not included in package - additional R495.00 per person)

Bask in the sun on the mountain, whilst enjoying your breakfast/sundowners and the view of the New World heritage site.
• Minimum – 20pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 120pax

Indoor Lego Team building
(Duration 3 Hours)
(Not included in package - price on request)
Allow the inner child to escape. Establishment bring in the professionals, for a strategic teambuilding session with Lego! Enjoy such activities, (in teams against each other, as building a Lego model, through a broken telephone system or building a Lego - dog, that you can train to walk!!!!!
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – N/A

Board Games Mini Olympics
Inside the Main Entertainment area, with log fires burning, Establishment can set up various stations of board games such as Jenga, Pictionary, and many more! The teams compete against one other in a race against time to accumulate points, the team with the most point’s wins.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum - N/A

Battles of the sexes
Enjoy this fun board game with a twist, men dressed as woman and woman dressed as men…..
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum - N/A

Quad Bikes & XUM-BUGS
Quad Bikes - Out Ride
(Not included in package - additional R 275.00 per person)
The outride consists of 4 different levels of riding. Each of the courses or levels is done with 10 Quad Bikes/Riders together, lasting about 30 minutes.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 20pax

(Duration 2 Hours)
Exciting dirt go-cart adventures! Xum-bugs are the ultimate in off road fun. From 4x4 type obstacles courses to endurance race’s “Le Mans” style.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 50pax

Croc Polo
(Duration – 2 Hours)
Using Crocs (2 man inflatable boats) play polo against one other on the water, using paddles as bats and an inflatable ball.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – 40pax

Croc Racing
(Duration – 2 Hours)
Using Crocs (2 man inflatable boats), race against each other on the water, grab a flag and get back to the land as soon as possible! Relay races – first team to have all their delegates on the water and back wins.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum - 120pax

Fly Fishing
• Minimum - N/A (negotiable)
• Maximum – 6PAX

Game Drives
(Duration - 2 Hours)
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum - 100pax

Mini Olympics
(For groups larger than 50pax)
(The surcharge on the package for this activity is applicable per person)

Divide the group into teams, 2 teams competes against each other at a time, incorporating some of the activities listed above. The teams compete against each other on a rotational basis.

Activities that are suitable for Mini Olympics
Survivor, Paintball, Xumbugs, Croc Racing, Trivia Treasure Race, Volleyball
Leisure Activities and Facilities Available
Volleyball, Pool and Darts and Swimming pool

Evening - Activities
Newspaper “Fashion” Show
(Not included in package - additional fee person)
Geared with a ramp, newspaper, cello tape, scissors, and a DJ! Take a chance in designing your own garment (from newspaper). Most definitely a fantastic evening activity! Let the best team win.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum - N/A

Star Gazing
(Not included in package - price on request)
Parys is renowned for its star lit skies. Cast your eyes to the stars and be guided by the experts, enjoy the methodology that establishment  know so little about. Burning log fires, gluwein and sherry, wrapped in nice warm blankets.
• Minimum - N /A
• Maximum - N/A

Drumming (Not included in package - price on request)
In cozy main entertainment area, come and learn how to produce an African beat as a team.
• Minimum - N/A
• Maximum - N/A

Murder Evening
(Not included in package - price on request)
Think you can solve a murder? Investigate the crime scene? Collect evidence and go into the lab to capture your murderer? Then take part in a challenging Murder Evening.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum – N/A

Sony BMG Game Show
(Not included in package - price on request)
Bevan and Charlie from Sony BMG host this professional music and movie quiz show, prizes are included. Remember to sharpen your general knowledge on the movies and music and allow SunWa to do a Tappa’s dinner evening, while you are playing along.
• Minimum – 10pax (negotiable)
• Maximum - N/A

Theme Evenings Available (Not included in package - additional R160.00 per person)
Sixties, Greek, English Pub, Irish Pub, Hawaiian, American Barn Dance, Newspaper Fashion Show and many more to choose from. Please contact for more details on theme evenings.

Sunwa River Lodge Parys Free State South Africa Sunwa River Lodge Parys Free State South Africa

Rates per room per night, accommodation only: on request

Double Storey Cabins -
Single Storey Cabins & Thorn Tree Cottage -
Quarter Deck & Mokoro House -
Meals per person
Breakfast -
Lunch -
Dinner -


River Rafting (half day – including lunch in the Camp)
River Rafting (full day - including lunch at Paradise)
Abseiling & Climbing Wall
Survivor Course with Bandanas
Survivor Course with T-shirts
Xum-bugs (go-carting)
Croc Polo OR Croc Racing
Fly fishing
Treasure Hunt
Trust Walk OR Trust Fall
Low Ropes
Ski Slope
Quad - Out Ride
Mini Olympics
Amazing Race
Game Drive (including – 1x sundowner)

HUEY – Activities (Stay over rates)

SunWa Heritage Club “Rock ‘n Roll” day membership fee
SunWa Heritage Club “Discovery” day membership fee
SunWa Heritage Club “Heritage site” day membership fee
SunWa Heritage Club “Breakfast” day membership fee
SunWa Heritage Club “Sundowner” day membership fee
HUEY – Activities (Day Visitors rates)
SunWa Heritage Club “Rock ‘n Roll” day membership fee
SunWa Heritage Club “Discovery” day membership fee
SunWa Heritage Club “Heritage site” day membership fee
SunWa Heritage Club “Breakfast” day membership fee
SunWa Heritage Club “Sundowner” day membership fee
Day Conferencing
Half Day Conference - excluding lunch
Full Day Conference - including lunch
Including Breakfast, Lunch, Half Day River Rafting
Including Lunch, Half Day River Rafting OR Land Based Activity
Including Lunch, Half Day River Rafting, Dinner
Including Breakfast, Lunch, Half Day River Rafting, Dinner

Corporate Packages - Teambuilding OR/AND Conferencing: on request

Contact & reservations:

Reservations are only accepted in writing: by fax or via e-mail.
Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

Terms & conditions, Payment options and Cancellation policy

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