Message from President Nujoma

Namibia is located on the southwestern corner of Africa and covers an area of 834 295 square kilometres or 317 827 square miles, which makes it the 31st largest country in the world, roughly the size of Germany and France combined. It shares long borders with Angola in the north, Botswana in the east and through the Caprivi Zipfel touches Zambia and Zimbabwe. Its natural boundaries are the Kunene, Kavango and Zambezi River systems in the north and the Orange River in the south. These are also Namibia's four perennial rivers. 

Topographically, Namibia can be divided into three distinct regions: the Namib and Kalahari Deserts, the Central Plateau and the northern Savannah Grasslands. It is a country with unique beauty and scenery; of wide, open spaces; of constantly moving golden sand-dunes; of arid and barren terrain; of hardy flora and fauna; of thick layers of terrestrial sand and limestone but also of flowing grasslands and warm and hospitable people. It boasts of beautiful bird life, abundant fish, gem diamonds, semi-precious stones and other metals and minerals as well as magnificent wildlife and game.

On the economic and investment front, I can proudly say that Namibia has one of the lowest corporate tax structures in Southern Africa, in addition to other generous manufacturing incentives such as: 
no capital gains tax; 
a non-resident shareholder's tax rate of 10%; 
no tax on dividends accruing to companies; 
a facility for building infrastructure to be written off at 20 % in the first year and 4 % per year for the next 20 years 
tax free importation or acquisition of manufacturing machinery and equipment; and 
deductions for direct wages, training costs and exports. 

Namibia also has a highly developed and sophisticated physical and communication infrastructure per capita, which is second to none on the African continent. Furthermore, we have Export Processing Zones and Industrial Parks which provide added incentives to investors.

To both the business and leisure traveller, Namibia offers the most breathtaking attractions in the world - the timeless Namib Desert, the famous Skeleton Coast, the Etosha Game Reserve, the Fish River Canyon, captivating landscapes, guest farms and accommodation establishments of international standard, an enabling economic environment and a friendly and hospitable people.

I would, therefore, like to extend a personal invitation to all of you to come and enjoy the splendour of Namibia and to take advantage of the many opportunities for investment, tourism and leisure travel which exist in our country.

Sam Nujoma

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