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Ongula Village Homestead Lodge, situated a stone's throw from Ondangwa, north of the world famous Etosha National Park, offers an experience like no other in Namibia. Here you are taken on a cultural journey, exploring traditional Namibian practices, as you meander through fields of mahangu (pearl millet), rest next to Makalani palm trees and visit traditional homes encircled by palisade walls.

With the aim of discovering the beauty, simplicity and dignity of our traditional village way of life, we invite you to look beyond the familiar Namibia of dunes, wildlife and vast landscapes. Here you will discover the Owambo, a cultured people with a history rich in oral, social and visual elements.

As you interact with us by participating in the traditional daily activities of the homestead and its community, you might fleetingly glimpse fragments of your own world, centuries ahead of what you are doing. Watch in amazement at the simplicity and sometimes harsh reality of tradition finding its place within modern western society and offering the best of both worlds.

Find yourself at the heart of a hospitable, rural community whose humbleness and welcoming attitude to visitors is part of their traditional culture. Here you don't simply watch, you will be encouraged to join in and learn the art of basket-weaving, cooking on an open fire, cattle herding and clay-pot making. You can even create your own gift to take home with you.

Your accommodation, a traditional Rondawel (round thatched bungalow), offers all the comforts of home with a touch of luxury and attention to detail, ensuring your comfort amidst the unexplored wilderness and harsh beauty of your surroundings.


Ongula Village Homestead Lodge Ondangwa, Namibia Ongula Village Homestead Lodge Ondangwa, Namibia Ongula Village Homestead Lodge Ondangwa, Namibia

Welcoming you to the Owambo way-of-life and traditions is a private and personal experience which cannot be shared with masses of guests at one time. For that reason Ongula Village Homestead Lodge has opted to keep its operation small and exclusive.

Consequently, we currently offer four Rondawels, in the style of traditional African round thatched bungalows, which have been built and furnished to extremely high standards to accommodate our Guests in style and comfort.

The four Rondawels accommodate a maximum of eight Guests in total, ensuring that everyone will effectively receive one-to-one attention during the daytime activities, and the privacy of high-standard accommodation and facilities during the night, with the emphasis on fantastic value for money!

Four Luxury Rondawels
Decorated and furnished with a unique fusion of locally produced artifacts, quality modern equipment and facilities.

Twin beds

En-suite shower facilities

Tea/coffee station

Mosquito nets

Gauze sliding doors, allowing you to sleep with your glass sliding door open at night

Private verandah, screened from the Homestead

Activities at Ongula Village Homestead Lodge

Welcome to our World!

At Ongula Village Homestead we welcome you to experience our local traditions and life-style.

In the Homestead

Participate in the daily routine which has survived for centuries - tasks such as pounding mahangu, cooking on an open fire and herding cattle.
Learn how we prepare our traditional meals and drinks - some of which will be served to Guests during their stay.
Discover our traditional arts and crafts, such as basket-weaving and making clay pottery. Under the guidance of our experienced craftswomen, you can even make a souvenir to take home with you.


Take a walk through the local village and surrounding area.
Visit neighbouring homesteads.
Enjoy a sundowner with the locals at a local shebeen (pub).
Attend the communal court proceedings.

Further afield

Explore the beauty of our region.
Ondangwa open-air Markets.
Nakambale Museum (13 km southwest of Ondangwa) - a legacy of the Finnish Missionaries who brought Christianity to Namibia. Founded by Martti Rautanen (nicknamed Nakambale by the locals) whose house and contents comprise the museum. Fascinating guided tours of the house, the nearby church and cemetery are available.
The Pottery Project - Onzimbogo (underground cave studio). This is a seasonal communal enterprise which produces pottery on a local scale and enables the community to demonstrate and share the ancient local craft of pottery at Ongula Traditional Homestead. In a ceremony which takes place at the time of the new moon and before sunrise, clay is dug out of the oshanas (depressions in the ground) as they dry up towards winter. The clay is stored underground, and later used in an onzimbogo to make the traditional round pots. These are left to dry out for two weeks before being ceremonially baked in a pit under burning cow dung and tree bark - before finishing and decoration for use or for sale.

Facilities at Ongula Village Homestead Lodge

Bar, Dining and spacious Lounge area - where guests can meet, relax and discuss the day's activities over a home-cooked meal and/or a cool drink.
Television available in the Lounge area.
Boma - an open fireplace - for social gatherings before and after dinner
Traditional, authentic homestead next to the Lodge
Traditional Epata (open-air kitchen)

Rates per room per night: on request

Contact & reservations:

Reservations are only accepted in writing: by fax or via e-mail.
Final availability confirmation: in writing: by fax or via e-mail.

Terms & conditions, Payment options and Cancellation policy

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